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FyNSiS endeavors to help add value to organizations by offering CRM
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Who and What are we?

FyNSiS Softlabs is a coming together of stalwarts and experts, with rich experience of over 15 years from the IT industry. The deep domain expertise, coupled with a vibrant energy and a mindset to think out-of-the-box have resulted in an amalgamation of like-minded enthusiasts and technocrats that make up our team. Worthy of exclusive mention is the specialization in the field of CRM, having garnered valuable insights from deep association with the CRM domain, which includes fulfilling and successful deployments of CRM solutions across a gamut of industries in India and countries around the globe.

“We deliver nothing but ROI on every penny you spend on technology.”


We are dedicated to achieve utmost client satisfaction with our state-of-the-art Development Centres in Bangalore, Mumbai and Coimbatore which is equipped with latest skilled workforce & technology that helps us fulfill complex business requirements within committed time frame at competitive price point.


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Legal CRM for lawyers

In the present competitive industry, consistent upgrade on modern law practices won’t be sufficient, a good attorney should also possess best sales & marketing practices to manage potential client and drive additional business.

E-Commerce World

SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM allows you to store customer details, order information and leads to leverage future sales opportunities. It’s a one solid-secure application package containing customized e-commerce CRM integrated with your online store (OpenCart).


SuiteCRM integration with Chat tool is suitable for small, medium or large size websites which aims to server website visitors in real-time. It is designed with core principles to enhanced revenue generation, maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

OpenCart integration

Our integration is seamless and real-time, no dependency on admin to run a cron job to pull or push data. “Once the information is keyed in one system it will push data to other systems instantaneously”

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"Great people to work with for Best Quality & Consistent deliverable. I appreciate the perfection in project management which helped to meet tight timelines. They are always open to learn, improve and adapt latest technology and implement better solutions. I wish all the best and recommend anybody to enjoy their unmatched quality standards"

Vincent Vicario

Company Name: Next Light

"We love SuiteCRM, it's easy and it saves time. we all enjoy using open source software. FYNSIS has given us extra development skills that we do not have in-house, and helped support our CRM install. I am happy with the results of any tasks I've passed over to FYNSIS, and, I am happy that they delivered all tasks assigned on time"

Janet Smith

Company Name: Walker Greenbank PLC
Designation: IT Manager

“They don’t take no as an answer. A team that delivers on client's objectives. I like the pace at which team gets work done, more so they are always open to learning, improvising & adapting to new technologies. I wish them all the very best & recommend to serve with their unmatched quality standards.”

Ajay Srinivasan

suitecrm client testimonials Ajay
Company Name: Procial Solutions Pvt Ltd
Designation: Director

“We love SuiteCRM, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money. FyNSiS give very best support and I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions. You seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards… and you can quote me on that.”

Ashwin Babulkar

suitecrm client testimony
Company Name: Future Innovation
Designation: CEO

“FyNSiS team exceeded expectations & contributed highly towards SuiteCRM implementation at TeleKoNet. Our biggest challenge was in design and integration with other systems which wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise”

Ramesh Bhat

suitecrm client testimonials
Company Name: TeleKoNet Solutions Pvt Ltd
Designation: CIO

FyNSiS Softlabs featured as Best leader in "CRM".


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