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Adding intelligence to letting – A comprehensive software for Real estate agents, mapping properties of owners to tenants to clinch successful deals. Serving deep insights for sustained growth.

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Why choose cleverLettingAgent?

Practical software for clever real estate agents. Intelligent online CRM solution to make letting simple and smooth!

cleverLettingAgent is an integrated software solution that provides a 360-degree view for all the parties involved in a letting ecosystem – tenants, agents, buyers, and sellers – offering a holistic view of all properties and the parameters engaged in the deals.

Emanating from a deep desire to address the challenges faced by letting agencies, we offer a Real estate agents software solution that collects, collates, records, and mediates across all aspects of a letting business.

Real time access from anywhere, anytime– on-the-go!

Fabulous Features

Steady Inflow of Leads

Auto-creation of leads and assigning to individual agents in the system from website visitors. No manual entry needed

Manage Buyer Requirements

Solutions customised from buyer’s perspective, helping sales agents to manage every preference of the buyer directly from the system

Auto-matching for properties

Integrated system that auto-pulls out properties matching buyers’ needs, helping agents suggest best possible fits

Contract Management

Smooth contract formalization for finalised deals with auto-calculation of total income and expenses.

Payment Tracking & Forecasting

Never miss your payments with smart tracking of due payments. Make payment forecasts and plans based on actual data insights.

Intelligent MIS Reports

Use powerful reporting for analysing and tracking payments, inventory levels, location-wise distribution and property types.

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Leads Inflow

Steady Inflow of Leads
Manage Buyer
Auto-matching for properties
Payment Tracking & Forecasting
MIS Reports
SuiteCRM’s Reporting Engine
Contract Management

The system automatically tracks every user of your website and creates an entry into the subletting CRM. This can now be used as a lead, with auto-assigning of the leads to individual CRM users (agent representatives, sales personnel etc.). Thus, manual entry and human errors are avoided. From here on, our CRM can track the lead from its source and geographic location. A useful addition is the auto-balancing of agent load by distributing and redistributing the leads as appropriate.

The software is aligned to the perspective of the typical needs of a buyer. This empowers the sales agents to effectively maintain and view all the preferences of the buyer in a single unified snapshot. This aids in offering letting services that centre around the buyer, with up-to-date data always at hand for ready reference.

Making it easier for sub-letters is the fabulous property matching feature. The intelligence built into the functionality pulls out the available properties that match the requirements if the buyer. These aid an agent to automatically see the possible properties to suggest the best possible fit. It is a cost-saving tool that also allows for the centralised system to follow up and track the prospective deals from here.

Realtors can track their payments and forecasted the payments expected from different properties in the unified smart system. Generate auto-email reminders to the buyers as timely alerts for due payments or instalments. This is very important for the agents, and takes away a lot of stress from everyday work. Consolidated snapshots of the payment trends can help agents analyse the data and gain insights to make realistic payment forecasts.

The integral component for a letting software is the reporting tool. Our solution has the added benefit where payment tracking can be used as a parameter to make report for pending and received payments. Periodic as well as on-demand reports can be configured by easy-to-select parameters such as inventory level, location and property type.

The solution is based on the power SuiteCRM platform. Its inbuilt reporting engine gives letters a boost with simple drag and drop options to customise reports as per their needs. The data so reported can be viewed via various real-estate specific graphical analysis models to get deeper understanding.

An out-of-the-box feature for auto-linking of contracts module enables realtors to record all expenditures and gains in a single place. Once the deal is finalised, the agent can view the total income and expenses calculated automatically and bundled neatly for a particular contract for a smooth contract formalization. So, your deals are integrated seamlessly with contracts functionality for easy and natural workflow.

More Services...

Performance Management
Investor Reporting
Intuitive Design

Get a direct tool for measuring performance. Calculate returns for investors and their investments directly from the data in the CRM with a streamlined process to generate these performance measurements. You can track your activity at the staff level, geographic level, and at the whole agency level. You can set targets as performance benchmarks and metrics

Get clever! You can now create professional investor statements at the end of the desired time period. The system will pull out the data and present rich detail about investment results and correlated property operations.

The workflow and design of clever Letting Agent make it very easy to use. We also provide training & support to assist you to use its features to the fullest.

Who can we be of service to?

    The real work of a suitecrm real estate CRM letting agencies  or a letting agency is to help owners and clients of properties engage in, maintain, and manage rental agreements and relationships. Their customers could be individuals with one or more properties to corporate groups that have multiple units or properties. Each of these may want impeccable realtor services to help manage the day-to-day hassles of their properties to be rented/leased. Rental laws are quite complex, and the brokers must be well-versed with the local version of these laws.

    Whilst there is no replacement for human expertise, having an intelligent system to manage, collate, and automate property related data and workflows can be a big boost to the agency operations. This is what our Real estate agents solution aims to deliver.

    Not only for sub-letters – our suitecrm real estate CRM letting agencies is useful for residential and developer agents as well as buyers and tenants!

    suitecrm real estate CRM letting agencies edge!

    • Stronger Customer Relationships
    • Boost your business
    • Make informed decisions
    • Access to real-time data
    suitecrm real estate CRM letting agencies
    Zoho CRM to SuiteCRM client case study
    We struggled with Previous Paid CRM with no complete freedom to customize to meet our needs, at right time Fynsis suggested and migrated us from Zoho CRM to SuiteCRM. We love SuiteCRM & our team is using everyday. It is definitely one of the best cost effective system we have implemented after very long time.
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    SuiteCRM offers tons of benefits and Fynsis is affordable in delivering quality service. Your team helped us expand and diversify our portfolio of technology solutions we are offering to clients.
    Pranav Jairam
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    Great people to work with. Best Quality & Consistency in all deliverables. I appreciate the perfection in project management which helped to meet tight timelines every time. They are always open to learning, improvising and adapting to new technologies and implementing better solutions to meet our requirements. I wish them all the very best and recommend everyone to enjoy their unmatched quality standards
    Vincent Vicario
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    Janet Smith
    We love SuiteCRM, it's easy, and it saves us time and we enjoy using open source software. FYNSIS has given us extra development skills that we do not have in-house, and have helped support our CRM install. I am happy with the results of any tasks I've passed over to FYNSIS, and, I am happy that they will fix whatever tasks we give them
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    They don’t take no as an answer. A team that delivers on a company’s objectives. I like the pace at which this team gets work done, more so they are always open to learning, improvising and adapting to new market. I wish them all the very best, and recommend them to serve with their unmatched quality standards.
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    We love SuiteCRM, it’s easy, and it save us a ton of money. FyNSiS give very best support and I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions. You seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards… and you can quote me on that.
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