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Riva CRM-Case study on New York Life systems

By August 3, 2021August 18th, 2021Case Study


Customer relationship management software is one of the fastest-growing segments in business software. Gartner expects the CRM industry to reach $36.5 billion by 2017. CRM systems help you keep track of customers and manage interactions with them as they move through complicated sales cycles. Ease of use and integration with business processes help drive CRM adoption and satisfaction. Many companies still try to track customers in shared spreadsheets or other documents. There are only 20 million users of commercial CRM today compared to at least 500 million people with customer-facing roles in sales, support, and marketing.

An overview of CRM process networking

About the company: New York Life Investments

New York Life Investments is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. New York Life Investments has $407 billion in assets under management and it serves a variety of sectors—retail, institutional, bundled defined contribution and defined benefit, and guaranteed products. New York Life Investments is the 29th-largest asset management firm in the U.S.   Headquartered in New York, NY with major locations in New York , NY, Parsippany, NJ, Westwood, MA, and Chicago, IL. The company has over 2,000 employees with a Sales distribution model. The products  are sold through registered intermediaries including:

  • Large wire-house brokers (national and full service)
  • Financial Advisors (regional)
  • Registered Investment Advisors (Independent)
  • New York Life Agents 

Sales Distribution includes collaboration among:

  • Internal Sales Desk: (Internal Wholesalers)
  • Wholesalers (External sales force)
  • Key Account Managers

Sales distribution model components:

  • External Wholesalers – “Out in the field” meeting with Reps in their territories to educate them on our funds
  • Internal Sales Desk – Viewed as the “Command and Control Center”

Why did New York Life Investments choose Riva?

Riva has best output for Server-side synchronization as it is cloud or On-Premise CRM and it has better synchronization with the IBM Domino and notes.

Synchronization of Riva with IBM notes

Riva has been synchronized between CRM and IBM notes on the following elements for better performance in complying with end user expectation.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Person accounts
  • Contact comments
  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Recurring events
  • Phone calls
  • Tasks
  • Email
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Contracts
  • Custom fields
  • Custom objects
  • Custom categories

Key Benefits Riva –Cloud / On premise CRM

  • Reliable, server-side synchronization
  • No IBM Notes or Outlook plug-ins to install, configure, or manage
  • Supports all IBM Notes, Exchange, Office 365, and Group Wise email clients
  • Native mobile CRM integration (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)
  • Syncs more CRM data than most IBM Notes and Outlook plug-ins (e.g., custom objects)
  • Advanced email tracking capabilities (from desktops and mobile devices)
  • Centralized user management with support for complex messaging environments
  • Rule-based sync policies controls what Riva syncs for different users and groups
  • Time-saving email-to-opportunity and email-to-case features
  • Improves CRM adoption and satisfaction through better, seamless integration

Critical role of CRM integrations

It’s about the heterogeneous process—linking apps together in a seamless continuum that is a business process and not simply an attempt to automate data retrieval. To achieve this, integration at the platform level is required. This is why companies such as Oracle,, Microsoft, and Workday are all announcing integrations among their platforms. The plane on which vendors compete is shifting from applications to processes.”They need to be able to show enterprise customers that their platforms are extensible and can play with the other big boys, because one company will not own the cloud”.

Administration console of Riva

Set Riva sync interval

Set peak timings 

View sync process in real time mode

Implementation of fault tolerant system in New York Life


  • There is a serious need to provide a consolidated calendar for our internal sales desk, external reps and sales managers
  • Sync specific inbound and outbound emails from IBM Notes to CRM as completed tasks.
    Sync contact email addresses for sending outbound emails from IBM Notes. Filter contacts by territory. 
  • Sync calendars, contacts and email as close to real-time as possible

Solution provided Riva CRM

  • Riva syncs IBM Notes, IBM Notes Traveler and Salesforce calendars bi-directionally.
  • With Riva, you can select which emails you want to sync from IBM Notes to Salesforce.
  • Riva syncs contact email addresses from CRM to the IBM Notes contacts list.
  • Riva is configured to sync automatically once every 5 minutes.

Seam less Integration process with Riva CRM

  • Riva Calendar integration –phone call with client , meeting with client ,private appointment , team sales meeting and meeting with the manager.
  • Riva Email integration -View completed email tasks ,Log emails to CRM, Riva Contact and lead integration ,Import CRM contacts.


The Riva CRM has resolved the challenges faced by New York life investments by seamless integration of Email and calendar for better results. Riva CRM is an ideal example for CRM process networking.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,