It is our business to enhance your business value through our automated chatbot solution.

Our expert team offers supporting hand to scale up your customer satisfaction level using our chatbot platform Fybot.

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Specific features of Fybot

  • The user interface is very easy and automated for better interaction
  • Our Fybot replaces the need for human interaction
  • It is an effective conversational bot that can be customized without writing any code
  • The Fybot can be handed over easily to the agent with defined functionality
  • It is easier to create the workflow of the chatbot using the simple drag and drop interface and update the responses for the bot

Integration features

We can also transform the Fybot into customized chatbot with some basic coding skills in order to tweak to the specific needs of the customer.
Our Fybot can function as an automated answer bot to reduce the load of staffing a dedicated person to respond to functional queries.
Fybot can be an automated solution to interact with website visitors and provide them the information that they need.
The Chatbot can be integrated with your website and enhance your business and service capabilities to the next level.
You can also connect Fybot with your servers using webhooks. It is so simple to connect the chatbot with all the internal databases and webservers and it increases productivity to a greater extent.
Fybot can understand and answer common customer queries using the uploaded libraries.
Our Fybot works well when you plug in using dialog flow technology.

Efficient, Powerful and Flexible Workflow Module

SuiteCRM workflow module delivers an advanced capability to streamline and automate repetitive tasks freeing users to focus on selling and servicing customers. Users can design flexibly automated actions that can be triggered to run at any time.

Our Key differentiators


It reduces the time for redundant form

filling and manual selection and it proactively engages with the audience

Our chatbot will engage quickly

and connect with the customer and prospects once they land on your webpage.

The chatbot integration can also

reopen follow up queries with relevant details on the earlier chat conversation.

Our chatbot solutions are seamless

and are omni capable as they can utilise data from wide range of sources.

Our chat bot is the best live chat helper

for all types of business and it can organize all the details of company, location, profiles, technology etc.

We also customize the canned responses as

templates with the chat bot so that the common questions can be updated by invoking them with a shortcut during the chats.

Fynsis team ensures that you connect

with your website visitors using the user-friendly chat bot by integrating it with your website. It can help in lead generation and is effective method for engaging the customers without a human touch.

Our Chatbot developers can customize

chat window to complement the website branding using various themes and by adding the brand logo with desired language and font.

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