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Salesforce Vs SuiteCRM- The alternative era of OpenSource CRM

By January 25, 2021March 18th, 2021CRM comparisons

Salesforce is the 800lb gorilla in the SAAS Customer relationship management room. They have marketing muscle, brand recognition, sales and first mover advantage and scale. They are the Microsoft of CRM. salesforce vs suiteCRM

SuiteCRM provides the same core functionality seen in Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Enterprise, SugarCRM Enterprise and Oracle Customer relationship management and is the free as well as open source branch of SugarCRM Community Edition.

The #1 CRM myth – “My CRM software is better than your software”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an overcrowded freelancer marketplace since it is commoditised business logic. The Customer relationship management applications that are leading all do the same things. They do them in marginally various manners, they look somewhat distinct while they do them, however, they’re all modeling the same business process. There is no secret soup.salesforce vs suiteCRM

So, here’s your first decision that is significant!

“Do I pay greatly for something which is readily available free of charge?”

In the competitive and down-to-earth world of business, you will find a few reasons why the answer to that particular question may be Perhaps; In this article we’ll look at every one of those as well as there are several other variables that affect buying decisions like support, customisation, availability, and training and compare the differences in Salesforce and between open source SuiteCRM & CRM Comparision with Sales Force CRM. But here’s one question before we get to the meat of the sandwich, you may want to take into account:

“Why does Salesforce cost so much?” The answer is comparatively straightforward: In the universe of commoditized business logic what distinguishes sellers is persuasiveness and the quality of their sales and marketing machines, not the quality of the program.

Approximately 80% of the earnings that Salesforce receives goes into wages for sales executives that are exceptionally remunerated as well as for the sort of advertising you ‘ll see anytime you do a Google search for Customer relationship management or pick up a company magazine that is heavyweight. 80 cents in every dollar goes to feed the sales and marketing machine to replace the customers who leave (churn) and entice new ones. It is the planet’s largest and many competitive sales and marketing firms and that does not come cheap. salesforce vs suiteCRM.

Open Source Customer relationship management is just the reverse. 80% of the earnings for open source Customer relationship management goes into product development. There are not any high-priced sales teams each and every night, leaving the office in speedy vehicles. The network effect of community replaces the price to obtain new customers plummets as well as the hoopla of advertising. An economy passed on directly to customers. sales force v. suiteCRM.

3 Year Total cost of CRM ownership
Salesforce versus open source SuiteCRM – TCO

For the aims of this costing exercise, we will assume the following:
1. 40 users
2. You need business process to be automated by Workflow
3. You need information to turn into information
4. You have to control access to data types that are different
5. SuiteCRM will be provided as a SAAS offering with back-up and support contained.

In order to access Analytics and Workflow, which are functions that are quite critical, you need to have Salesforce Enterprise Edition. At £85 per user per month, it will not come cheap.

With CRM Comparision with Sales Force CRM, SuiteCRM those features come as standard so there are no extra costs. Hosting, administration, and support cost £15 per user per month.

The first line of our costing matrix reads like this:

Year 1 – Ongoing costs
40 users£40,800£7,200
Total year 1 savings£33,600

CRM Comparision with Sales Force CRM Customisations 

Every company supervisor that is mature know that no program will do what’s needed entirely. Your business procedure needs will not be matched by any program completely. Start or you will have to CRM Comparision with Sales Force CRM customize getting outside spreadsheets as well as add a lot of isles of information again. And you are going to have to keep up to customize because company needs don’t stand still.

For this activity, we will presume annually, 20 days of customization are needed. This can be business driven and independent of the program. You’ll constantly locate things you need to transform. To scratch that itches you are going to have to set a spending budget aside. salesforce vs suiteCRM.

Salesforce Customizations

Salesforce includes a custom programming language. There are various comprehended and widely known development languages on the planet. The Apex of Salesforce is not one of them. You’re going to require a partner should you would like to customize Salesforce and you’re going to pay now- incredibly specialist pricing, commodity. Be prepared to pay up to £2,000 a day for an accredited Salesforce Programmer.


SuiteCRM customizations

SuiteCRM is constructed using open source development resources and commodity. There is a sizable public of specialists as well as an open market in abilities. However, SuiteCRM needs specialist knowledge and is a big and sophisticated development environment. And that means you could require a consultancy which includes either SugarCRM or SuiteCRM encounter. However, it is open source. There is a marketplace competitive inabilities as well as in order that drives down price. A seasoned SuiteCRM programmer will surely cost £600 a day around.



The costing matrix is starting to take shape:

Year 1 – plus Customisation costs
40 users£40,800£7,200
20 days customisation£30,000£12,000
Total year 1 savings£51,600

Execution Consultancy

In the event that you’re going to execute whatever is going to really have a deep impact on your business then you want skilled help. Irrespective of which program you decide on, applications is an investment and you’re going to want Advisors. The following SuiteCRM Implementation services will be provided by advisors:

  • Setup
    • Training
    • Workflow design
    • Report design
    • Data migration


You are in a walled garden. People the plants, wildlife and layout of the garden relies on the gardener. You’ve no alternative except to see and use only what the gardener supplies and determines. For this reason, you need to prepare to use Salesforce Certified Consultants and to cover that. Prepare yourself to cover premium costs. So costs are kept quite high, there is not much of a market and small option. Be prepared to cover for an accredited Salesforce Advisor between £1500- 3000 a day.salesforce vs suiteCRM.


You are within an open world. You want individuals that are intelligent and experienced. However, there is a marketplace competitive for abilities. The truly amazing news is CRM Comparision with Sales Force CRM with SugarCRM supercharged and the fact that SugarCRM Community Edition was the most installed Customer relationship management on the planet; there is an incredibly big talent pool of programmers and experienced consultants. A seasoned SuiteCRM advisor will cost £600- 800 a day. salesforce vs suiteCRM.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,