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Best comparison of OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. SuiteCRM

By January 30, 2021March 18th, 2021CRM comparisons

OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. SuiteCRM 

OroCRM is a brand new Customer Relationship Management platform entirely targeted at marketing and e-commerce teams with a multi-user channel perspective. It started its development in 2013 and the initial stable 1.0 release is anticipated in early 2014. The Founders and creators are Yoav Kutner and Jary Carter, who were CTO of Magento correspondingly and VP of Sales. 

OroCRM features all the needed functionalities for restraining your worries a customer experience and is made to be extensible and simple to incorporate into e-commerce platforms (such as Magento) or other alternatives. This youthful remedy helps handle Business to consumer (B2C) relationships in an approach which other products have not yet reached and additionally adds flexibility in workflow management for chances that’s a really needed feature in multi-channel environments. 

OroCRM is based on OroPlatform (based in Symfony2) which should assist the community users in giving and offering the option in the future. OroCRM is licensed on OSL (Open Software License).

OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. SuiteCRM 

Zoho CRM

Being known a stable platform, Zoho is very laborious in use. However, managing the fundamental feature set is comparatively intuitive. The customization enables satisfying the interface to customer’s needs.

Price on Features and Abilities

Depending upon the price, Zoho provides 4 plans to the users:

  • Free version pack has a limit of up to 3 users only. Also, the features are limited such as sales, marketing, and integration opportunities.
  • The standard pack offers $12 user/mo with large integration, analytics, security and storage options.
  • The large selling edition of Zoho CRM is Professional edition which costs nearly $20 per user/month and provides inventory, workflow management, and sales abilities.
  • The fourth and final plan is Enterprise plan which has complete sales enablement automation and marketing automation, workflow management, security, data, and extended large integration.

Principal Marketing and Sales Options

Zoho offers a wealth feature sets for business productivity and collaboration restraining your worries. Business part commands sales, leads, email campaign planning, inventory/stock management and reporting abilities that are drawn-out. Collaboration division supplies communication within the knowledge base, customer support and the organization. Productivity applications empower with planning future incomes and examining the past.

CRM solutions Integration abilities

Zoho supplies a long listing of add-ons and 3rd party integrations for data organizations, marketing enhancements, and sales. The benefit is that these add-ons work concurrently, but the drawback is they are paid ones. Zoho also easily integrates with Gmail, Mail Chimp, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Online Support

Zoho empowers its users with the knowledge base, ticket management, customer self-service portal and newsgroups, forums for discussions.

OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. SuiteCRM 


SuiteCRM proposes the next hosting types:

  • SuiteCRM on demand can be upgraded and downloaded free of charge. Nevertheless, you look after your information as well as host your system by yourself
  • SuiteCRM in the cloud does not have any constraint or limit on the database access and comes in the cost-effective cost of $10 user/month.

Primary Marketing and Sales Options

SuiteCRM enables to handle and analyze all the data and documents. Various custom modules offer to monitor the changes in the marketplace. Workflow optimises a teamwork and distributes the leads the tasks. The extensive coverage empowers by launching and planning campaigns and projects. Gathering the requirements will enable the forecasting the propensity of offered products and targeted clients.

CRM Solutions Integration Capabilities

SuiteCRM provides categories of numerous extensions. There are different plugins for productivity, management, and reporting enhancement as well as email and social media integration.

24/7 Live Support Options

All in one support features for all the users. SuiteCRM enables with telephone and email, instant messenger support, self-service portal to help the users to avail the support feature to get an amazing experience.

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Time to Draw a Line with regard to the comparison of OroCRM vs. Zoho CRM vs. SuiteCRM 

We know it’s a high time, to sum up. What could possibly be successful and helpful for just one business, could be fatal and ruinous for another? However, there are 3 all-important points of CRM for the small company. The first and foremost is the platform should meet your business requirements. The 2nd is the ability to run advanced sales and innovative marketing strategy. And lastly, the data options are updating and organizing as well as deep analytics and reporting. So, you can see that this Comparision on Oro vs Zoho CRM systems correspond to all the above-mentioned points. So a win-win option will best go with SuiteCRM because of its irresistible feature and functionalities.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,