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Leading and latest trends in the realm of Digital CRM

By July 3, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

In this blog , you will get an insight about the leading and latest trends in the realm of Digital CRM. Customers demand businesses to keep up with their changing expectations. This is stated both explicitly as well as in explicitly by their innate desires to get better products and services. It is a challenge for businesses to gauge these expectations. For instance, to keep on with the rapidly changing user behavior, social networking sites keep on upgrading and changing their looks to deliver higher levels of User Experience (UX).

Exploring Digital CRM Trends and Technologies

With the help of technologically advanced tools and the plethora of social networks and platforms, customers can now express their opinions on anything, at any time, and anywhere in the world. Businesses need to be able to capture these sentiments. There is a need to quickly capture the feedback received. The customer is now centric to the business ecosystem as the customer feedback can truly make or break a business! 

As a result, enterprises and business units are increasingly becoming aware of the power of social media as a method for engaging the potential customer.

The few emerging trends that are expected to become increasingly important as per domain experts in this space are collated below:

  • Cloud-based CRM

The services of cloud computing continue to rise, and its impact on the SuiteCRM domain is evident and expected. SuiteCRM Cloud-based software is a powerful means of gathering customer data in a cost-effective manner. Multiple sources of customer data are already available on the digital media, and thus it eliminates to a large extent, the need to scout for leads to input into a system for future sales. As cloud-based applications continue to evolve, the cloud-based CRM will see increased vigor and will gain momentum.

  • Social CRM

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most important ways of grabbing the attention of customers and sending out strong signals to understand the customer needs in today’s digital world. To influence the product brand image and perception, consumers are reached out to, empowered by social networking sites. SMM and Social CRM are related in a way that allows the CRM data to feed the SMM and vice versa. This synergy is gaining attention with marketing strategies leading to target and generic campaigns, keeping customers engaged with the brand and the company.

  • Flexibility

The key to Customer Relationship Management is the flexibility of service capabilities and molding of the offerings as it allows enterprises to customize the generic CRM software to meet the needs of specific businesses. There are the benefits such as ease of multichannel publishing and integration with existing systems within the workflow and processes of an organization. These become the key corporate considerations while adopting new tools and strategies in the digital transformation journey of a company based on CRM. The central system is, thus, a flexible and accessible multichannel Digital CRM platform.

  • Crowd-sourcing

An emerging trend is for crowd-sourcing as an inexpensive way to obtain information via the Internet. Enterprises are increasingly able to take advantage of crowd-sourcing as customers continue to gain a voice on social media. Tapping the right customers for new ideas, expectations and solutions can help employees across the organization to provide an interactive and innovative relationship with customers as they now expect.

  • Centralized data

Companies that continue to have an edge in customer data insight are on a stronger footing as compared to the competition. CRM will continue to help companies understand its customers through extensive data collection and analysis. The businesses are being able to engage customers and address their needs more effectively with the help of centralized customer data made available via the Digital CRM. Leveraging CRM data will be a continuous and learning process in a bid to increase customer base and maintain healthy & lasting relationships.

  • Mobility

Mobility today in the digital world has become one of the most critical corporate components. Customers are no longer bound to PCs and desktops. They access data continuously on the go. This is also supported by the spurt in the availability of mobile devices that allows customers to access required data and information from anywhere and at any time. This trend will keep on growing and hence, there is a potential for corporate to grow their database of customers and users with the increase in mobile penetration and smarter devices. Digital CRM has the ability to enable businesses to pace with these increasing touch points.

The future of Digital CRM

The technology of Digital CRM is only bound to grow in the present and the times to come. Companies are now looking for muscle power to harness the dynamic needs of their customers and address them in a quick time. The potential of social media and the digital world has enabled increasing interactions between people and business. Digital CRM and the rapidly adapting trends in this space are making it possible for companies, and customers to come close to each other. Businesses can thus ride on these technological advances to continue to anticipate and deliver what customers desire.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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