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Popular trends of Big Data Integration with SuiteCRM

By July 1, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

Popular trends of Big Data Integration with SuiteCRM

With intelligence penetrating everywhere, businesses are realizing the importance of the hordes of unstructured big data that can give them great insights. When it comes to CRM, the focus has been on the customers. With the silos of data that concerns the customers and clients of a company, it is but imperative that insights drawn from such data can be used successfully to better the engagement with consumers and customers of the company’s products and services.

There are innovative trends that are churning out meaningful outcomes for this fusion of Big Data and CRM, which are being coined as the ‘perfect match’ for each other.

Psychographic Profiling

CRM Marketing pundits are going all out to help big data create customer profiles. CRM is about reaching out in a long-term association with your customers.  There are many metrics supported by CRM to measure customer behavior. Every touch point with the customer must be incorporated for an end-to-end visibility. Big data plays a vital role here to keep track of every possible point of interaction between your business and the customers. Tracing activities and engagements through social media is also an inherent part of this process.

When mapped to multiple psychological traits, this can help create accurate customer profiles and psycho-graphics which can help businesses understand the preferences and even predict the behavioral patterns of a particular client.

Predictive Analytics

CRM has always been about studying preferences of the customer and understanding what they prefer. Armed with big data, strong analytics can be put in perspective to even predict customer behavior and be a step ahead, ready with the solutions or products that they may want to look for. Predictive analytics can equip an enterprise to make accurate sales forecasts, and plan for more efficient outputs from sales and marketing teams. It can also lead to leaner systems for better cost efficiency levels.

Legal angles for big data

There are legal implications when it comes to data privacy issues entangled with big data. The amount of information that companies can lay their hands on is mind-boggling indeed. Many governments are getting weary and worried about protecting their citizens from misuse of such personal information. The related laws are still in their nascent stages and how they shape up in different geographies and various cultures around the world will play a crucial role in the future of how companies can use big data in general.

Convergence of big data, cloud, and IoT is good news for CRM

Sensors on the ground near customers can send back volumes of data via IoT using cloud communication. This big data can be analysed with data analytical tools to get customer insights from the actual ground in real-time. The quality of data will only improve as smart systems start to fine-tune themselves with self-learning and machine learning capabilities as well as AI. This will open up more channels in SuiteCRM platforms to integrate and provide seamless customer information flow across the internal systems of a corporation. At the same time, cloud computing has ensured that new innovations are now a whole lot cheaper. Thus, CRM and analytic capabilities are now much more affordable.

Virtualization of Big Data

The large volumes of big data, after undergoing data virtualization, can reveal interesting concepts and conclusions. This will help companies leverage the CRM data in any format even while on the move for quick reference and manipulation.

Expert teams will be built

Analyzing data is one thing, using it actually to one’s advantage with measurable results is altogether a different skill that a company will need to adopt and leverage. Expert systems and expert teams will need to be invested in. The new generation of marketers is techno, social and mobile savvy. People with strong analytical skills are also required. Companies will need to recruit such talent.

Top-driven strategy

The future of big data and SuiteCRM lies in how the top need to realize the huge potential in this synergy. This, when pushed down via achievable targets and phases, will ensure that the opportunities are tapped in impactful ways.

Management and business strategists construe the overall picture. The synergy of CIO’s, business leaders, customer service heads, sales and marketing leads, etc. will.

These trends are likely to branch out into more avatars as the technologies continue to disrupt, evolve and adapt at a fast pace with the changing market and business dynamics.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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