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Premium benefits of leveraging Big Data in SuiteCRM systems

By July 2, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

In this article we will be discussing the premium benefits of leveraging Big Data in CRM systems.

Big Data today is a buzzword that is being resonated in every industry and all types of businesses. Let’s face it, today the customer is the king, undoubtedly!  This is the major reason that CRM systems are becoming important backbones for businesses in every vertical. 

CRM systems smooth-ens the operations and can create impact on the business decisions in a customer perspective. Data analytics goes even a step further and measures the effects of adopting SuiteCRM systems by an organization. The silos of Big Data when analysed, have the power to complement SuiteCRM analysis to gain insights about the data flow and business intelligence.

Benefits of Integrating Big Data and SuiteCRM in an organization

There are clear benefits of integrating Big Data and CRM into the ethos of an organization:

  • Enhance customer experience to a greater extent

Big Data enables a company to keep track of its data and this can help greatly to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction levels. The outcome is customer retention and increased chances of business continuity.

  • Effective Decision making based on actual data

Understanding the expectations of the customer can empower companies to take decisions based on the data analysis reports. These result in achievable goals that are customer-centric. Integrating Big Data and Opensource CRM can contribute more towards making effective decisions in terms of scaling up the business performance of the company.

  • Predictive business strategy

Big data with CRM has the ability to enable an organization to define their business strategies that will propel stronger customer relationships.  The leaders will be able to predict how the business will be accepted by the users of their services or products and hence select acceptable products and strategies. Business prediction is the key to any business and SuiteCRM Integration can fuel up the process saving the time and effort to access data.

  • Know your customer preferences and expectations

Integration of SuiteCRM and Big Data can help in linking the customer responses from social media platforms with the customer data locked in the internal systems and databases of the organization. This helps greatly in bringing in transparency between the two parameters and understanding the key insights. The customer preferences and expectations over a period of time can be referred to devise a result oriented strategy.

  • Comparative analysis with competitors

Data analysis from Free CRM and Big Data platforms can be spread over time to reveal trends and patterns that can be used to compare self-performance against that of the competitors. This is useful when mapped to standard metrics and KPIs as may be specific to the industry or nature of the business.

  • Actionable insights and performance measurement of these actions

The insights retrieved from Opensource CRM Integration of Big Data can be used by an organization to take appropriate actions. Big Data and CRM analytics can go a step further to repeat the cycle to trace the results of the actions taken. This circle of performance driven performance measurement leads to a model where continuous improvement is promoted.

  • Data analytics in real-time across the globe

The analytics can be achieved in real-time from data collated from across the globe. This instant access means that the back-end CRM system is powerfully integrated with the instances of field operations with live customers. Data analytics act as enablers for understanding the previous decisions and shift in the customer mind-set.

  • Computing with AI, IoT, Hadoop and cloud

It is evident that huge volumes of data throw up computing and data storage issues. The power of the cloud comes in very handy here as it means that cheaper and faster computing and storage services can be utilized by an enterprise to their advantage. With the widespread adoption of IoT, SuiteCRM software will be able to process data captured from all sorts of devices in the operational pipelines.  Free CRM is based on relational data, whereas Hadoop can focus on parallel processing of Big Data with cost-effective storage. In a nutshell, this can contribute to time and energy saving result oriented business solutions.

Big Data combines with CRM.

There is a culmination of structured and unstructured data sources into a seamless integration when Big Data combines with CRM. For instance, customer information such as profiles, demographics, sales purchase histories, can be augmented with data from the real ground to offer a holistic view of customer patterns, customer profiling, analysis of market and customer sentiments, and analyzing the behavioral trends and patterns of individuals or a certain section of customer base.

There are affordable options today with the emergence of Opensource CRM software solutions that integrate analysis and processing capabilities for Big Data into creating better customer experiences. The idea is for the business leaders to adapt to the dynamic changes rapidly. Vast pools of data can be synchronized into the CRM processes, but ultimately the humans have to use some instincts to draw meaningful conclusions from the data. The visibility of the data can pump into all the functions that face customers or are based on the customer experience. These can include product innovation centers, ideation points, marketing, customer service departments etc. 

Are you planning to Integrate Big Data and CRM systems in your organization? 

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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