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The Golden Age of Artificial intelligence

By July 5, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

The rise of a new industrial revolution is on the brink – this time leaning high on digital transformation and empowerment of enterprises. Artificial Intelligence (AI) forms a major chunk of this revolution. There are promises that transcend boundaries, ethical divides, industries, and individual functions. Every facet holds the tremendous power of limitless opportunities with AI.


The customer experience is all set to reach new levels of satisfaction with AI powering CRM systems. At the same time, a company’s internal customers, its core strength, its employees, stand to gain from AI.

It runs deep

AI powering CRM is not just a fancy technology; it is deep-rooted and requires a 360-degree business strategy. Traditionally, CRM consists of a rich storehouse of information about the customers. This data, when bundled with advanced AI-based algorithms and data analytics, deliver a power-punch which, if leveraged correctly, can result in predictive and repeatable engaging experiences. An integrated set of AI solutions can be streamlined across a unified CRM platform, to help data experts to sift, mine, extract, analyse, and extrapolate the data that is lying in multiple systems across the organization. When supported by machine learning, this can open up exciting new insights and opportunities for any business.

At this point of time, the CRM platform ceases to be just a customer database; rather it metamorphoses into a technological base on which other services of the enterprise can be built logically. These include apps that interact with customers as well as various internal functions such as payment processing, invoice generation, supply-chain apps, accounts apps, and inventory management apps. A seamless workflow across the organization ensures transparency and reduces errors. This intelligence can be a boon for IT as well as the business users within the organization.

AI makes it simpler and smarter

AI is far from the fancy image that it has come to represent, thanks to the world of sci-fi movies and publications. It does not mean that robots or humanoids will suddenly take over the planet. AI capabilities practically are much smaller in scale and often ‘mundane’ algorithms, once you remove the polish from the surface. Of course, this includes making the tasks of humans easier and less error-prone, such as assisted decision-making, advanced computing, and in fact, making the use of software itself a whole lot simpler.

Embedded intelligence can turn a user experience into a wonderful one by personalizing the engagement and offering options that match the individual’s tastes. Higher prospects of conversion can be achieved via intelligence that can draw learning from past conversations and interactions. This can create a powerful and far-reaching impact with lesser efforts.

A spectrum of innovative technologies

AI encompasses a lot of complementary technologies that include speech recognition, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, intent mapping, natural language processing, deep neural networks, content summation, to name a few. Visual programming is a direct benefit for faster app and software development using AI-fed platforms. Today, on-boarding a new software capability is quite cost-effective for IT as well as business users, due to the availability of AI-based tools that minimize actual programming and support iterative and agile development methodologies.

A single comprehensive view of the customer that cuts through various apps, systems, and functions in the organization is the visible advantage of an AI-based CRM. This can help create more delight for the customers. This is a disruption that connects the past, present, and future of a business and its goals together, seamlessly centered around the customer.

At the steering wheel – in total control

Sales and marketing campaigns do not have to play shots in the dark anymore. With AI learning from all the data from CRM, email, social, ERP, databases, conversations, IoT sensors, and even calendars, enterprises can create leaner systems and workflows that aim to deliver smarter recommendations. With automation of tasks, the staff and experts can focus on making informed choices and take result-oriented decisions that concentrate on increasing attention to the end-users with confidence.

This is perfect for the growing brand of consumers who want the best and have little patience when they do not get services that match their growing demands and expectations, only to be lapped up by the competitors. In today’s world of viral nature of social media, an AI capability can propel a business way ahead, enabling it to get traction as well as a strong foothold in the market.

AI for all

An awesome customer experience cuts across all touch points with the customer – across robust user interfaces, mobile optimized services, sales, and lead generation, to name a few. Finance, HR, admin, and other departments that are traditionally overlooked can increase their productivity with AI logic integrated into the very ethos of their digital systems. Thus, AI can carve out a level playing field for SMB’s as well as industry stalwarts, making them equal forces to be reckoned with.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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