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Top 10 CRM software tools for freelancers

By August 4, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

Let us do a deep dive analysis on Top 10 CRM software tools for freelancers…

Freelancing is not an easy task and it requires a lot of perseverance to schedule and complete the assigned work. Though freelancing is a flexible option, it has its own pros and cons. CRM experts in freelancing mode have shifted their focus to the CRM software, which can help in reaching out to prospective clients, streamlining the business administration effectively. Effective CRM software can help the freelancers to organize and enhance their work to get expected results.

In this article, you can navigate and understand the top 10 CRM software options for freelancers. The CRM software is chosen after ardent research and evaluation. The needs and preferences of the freelancers are taken into consideration in order to identify the best fit for them.

Let’s get started and get an insight to choose the correct CRM for our  business needs.

Base CRM

Base CRM is tagged as “Best CRM software for next generation sales team”. It is regarded as the all in one sales platform and is most preferred by freelancers. Base CRM has a starter version costing around $ 45 monthly and it gives a detailed report on management of contacts and sales tracking methods. There is a customized pipeline for sales in the started version involving basic reports and access to mobile. Base CRM is required based on the nature of freelancing business. There are advanced versions costing around $95 per user per month and $145 per user per month. These are very helpful in improving attributes of sales function like forecasting of funnel, tasks automation and sales analytics information in predictive mode.

Base CRM also has a lot of add on modules in order to enhance the invoicing capabilities and communication. Most freelancers prefer a starter package due to cost constraints and it offers an easy simple solution like SuiteCRM.

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Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM has a free version in down strip form and provides 10MB storage online. It also has a database 250 contacts opening up more avenues for two CRM freelancers minimum. Capsule CRM also has a professional version with 2GB storage and 50K contacts costing around $12 per user per month. The professional Capsule CRM version offers functional aspects of CRM like tracking of emails, managing contacts and pipeline reporting options. The freelancers can also integrate the third party tools like Mail chimp, Xero and Fresh books with the professional Capsule CRM. Capsule CRM offers better organization modules and prospects for freelancers in an administrative perspective. To know more about Capsule CRM, Click on the link below 

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the most preferred and most extensive CRM and is regarded as a complete management tool having specific capabilities like service enhancement and full automation suite. This helps in offering an end to end business management scenario to achieve expected outcomes. The Agile CRM version offers an open Application programming interface which can be integrated with many third party applications. A quick widget can accomplish all the essential tasks and also can provide 360 degrees view of contacts, opportunity tracks with customizing options and gamification for sales increase and built in telephone systems.

Agile CRM also offers marketing automation features like landing pages, lead scoring, drips involving campaign, social CRM and email marketing options for business enhancement. There is a help desk module along with it but it is not required by other freelancers. Agile CRM offers all these services free for 10 users and we can add additional users by purchasing a starter package for $8.99 per user per month. Agile CRM is the most preferred tool by many freelancers.

Batch book 

Batch book is the CRM tool ideal for small business and start up freelancers. The CRM tool has a basic package called “essential” costing around $19.95 per user per month and it has partial functions. There is another advanced version for $39.95 per user per month. Most freelancers prefer essential packages as it helps in tracking contacts and managing them for better organization of sales data and prospects. The sales view has a very good visual interpretation of the sales pipeline and helps in getting leads and automation of tasks. The freelancers prefer this CRM software because it is easily accessible from your mobile and provides the best user experience.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is gaining more momentum due to its contacts management strategy blended with the standard package costing around $12 per user per month. The cost is very nominal and it provides various features like forecasting, emailing, reporting and lead management. The dash board is also pretty cool providing insight on the work flows, integration of the emails and social CRM features. The smart work flow diagrams will help in improving the efficiency and meet the business expectations. The standard plan is a boon to many freelancers who prefer cost effective CRM software solutions. For more details 

Big Contacts 

Big Contacts tool has light marketing options and has a very limited introductory version. There is also second tier version available which costs around $15 per user per month and can store 10K contacts in the database. There is an option of importing and exporting contacts from spreadsheet and it also captures leads at trade shows online using forms and business cards. Big contact dashboard provides screening of contacts and also viewing the queue of automation tasks and reminders revolving around the prime contacts. It also has a tracking tool which can update opportunities, emails and also audit the social media within the system environment. Big Contact has low pricing model and has extended features of CRM functions and it is considered as a best leveraging model with limited budget.

Nut Shell

Nutshell is a boon to a CRM sales team and it has basic CRM features like lead tracking, reporting, task creation automation and interactions with the contact. Nutshell has an intuitive interface which is regarded as a differentiator as compared to other CRM software. Nutshell’s interface does not require training and on-boarding in extensive mode and will be running in less than 24 hours. This improves and secures the trade functions with an easy process and better user experience. The starter version is $19 per user per month and it has a strong selling focus in a freelancer perspective.

Day lite 

Day lite is the CRM software having many contact profiles, individual contact details and exchange of communications on appointments, workflow, pending tasks and client expectations. The important details on appointment tracking and schedule are easier and pending follow-ups can also be tracked using Day lite. The CRM software also has extensive features for project management and marketing enhancers like segmentation list and email blasts. Nutshell also offers access to a mobile network at $29 per user per month and it is very attractive for the freelancers involved in CRM. The only disadvantage of Day lite is that it runs only on Mac OS.


Nimble is the CRM tool for sales and marketing in a social perspective. The software has strong capabilities in social media and can import contacts from various other networks into CRM functionality. Nimble can replace Hoot-suite as it allows the user to post these networks within the system environment. The software tool involves normal CRM capabilities like marketing automation and costs around $9 per user per month for its contact page alone.


Streak is quite popular because of its uniqueness in cloud based applications. An extension of google chrome has envisioned streak as a standalone software and is less tech savvy. Streak allows the freelancer to import and export contacts from Google G suite and does not have any traditional CRM features option. The G suite is designed accordingly considering the need for CRM and lead generation tactics. Streak is free CRM software and a boon to freelancers who cannot spend money for these features. The freelancers can make the best of these top 10 CRM tools and improve their sales ratio and business capabilities.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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