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Transform your SuiteCRM with Chatbots

By July 2, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

In this blog , you will understand how to transform your SuiteCRM with Chatbots. There is so much buzz around AI and its use in boosting SuiteCRM systems. One important link that shoulders this synergy is the development of chatbots. The ‘virtual agents’ are a slew of computer programs that can engage in conversations, voice or text, with customers or users.

Why a Chatbot?

The goal is obviously to gain efficiency in customer dealing operations, as well as digitizing the interactions. SuiteCRM with Chatbots is essentially an agent working 24 /7, always ready to help, at the beck and call of the user. Of course, this also means that the software will respond much faster than a human counterpart, and thus, irritants such as holding time at the contact center interactions, would definitely be reduced when the customer is being serviced by a bot instead of a human.

AI is fast making the chatbot ‘smart’ enough to do repeated tasks in areas such as email channel interactions in the CRM-powered systems. The nature of real-time interactive conversations as well as instant responses is much expected by today’s users and this is what the bots are well-equipped to handle. 

In the long run, this is slated to bring down operational costs. AI is now feeding the bots via machine learning and deep learning to understand better intents and patterns. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and even Computer Vision are essentially integrated technologies, enabling the bots to be proactive and engage in more realistic conversations.

CX/UX is the intent as always

The whole idea is to deliver enhanced levels of personalized experiences.  The always available, always on nature of a bot is augmented with quick and dynamic search at the back-end from the rich SuiteCRM data and taking auto-decisions to deliver responses to queries. AI also allows bots to make a friendly appearance on the personal device of a user, offering assistance voluntarily. At this time, a meaningful and relevant suggestion from the bot as a conversation starter can be a great way to draw attention. The algorithms behind the bot should therefore be ‘smart’ to recognize the consumer’s current context and interest and behave accordingly.

Not a threat at all

Contrary to popular notions, a bot today is not intended to replace a human. AI still has a long way to go to be able to replicate the cognitive intelligence of a human brain. Rather, a bot is best viewed as a support system to human agents to handle self-service tasks, thereby enabling the human agents to spare time to handle complex services and issues. The agents can thereby handle more customers, and this enhances their productivity and eventually achieves better returns.

And if a seamless handover between the bot and the human is well-designed, the consumers would never know or even care about whether it is a bot or a human servicing them. Getting quick and accurate information is all that they would seek and appreciate.

For a richer bot experience, chatbots are now able to understand various types of words and ambiguous phrases and map them into appropriate responses and problem resolutions. They are even spanning omni-channels in order to create a unified engagement. The next generation of bots is already on the racks and recommends the next best products or actions to the users, leveraging higher possibilities of lead conversions.

The ‘tails’ side of the coin

Often overlooked, bots have another important field area in the business scenario. Turning the face of the bot inside, the customers could be the staff of a company itself. A bot is essentially a piece of automated software, and businesses that realize this sooner can unlock a plethora of use cases in their own internal processes.

The on-the-go nature of mobility of business means that employees look forward towards the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. A bot to deliver them the information that they seek, assist them in their day-to-day tasks, and prompt them the next best action, is a great way to enhance their efficiency and engagement levels. The perception of having an agent readily available to them for their mundane tasks renders a happy feeling of empowerment.

The arena of automation

Taking the bot to another dimension is the aspect of SuiteCRM to enable auto updates via integration with various business applications and workflow systems inside the company. Bots that push notifications and even analytical insights readily onto a conversational model with main stakeholders are being received well. Top-line management, for instance, can see the value in a proactive bot that helps keep them up-to-date with what is going on at the ground level, even voluntarily alerting when an urgent intervention or attention is needed. In another use case, sales agents can get intelligent leads from the bots to follow-up on priority with higher conversion possibility. This, of course, requires a bot to scan and scale multiple sources of information and data from within the CRM systems and other databases in real-time, both internal and external to the company, and help the sales agent get insight on how likely the lead is to make a purchase.

More needs to be done

Of course, the technology has a long way to go. The bots are getting ‘smarter’, but the associated intelligence needs companies to feed the bot huge volumes of diverse data to be able to ‘learn’ well. Computing power is the basic ingredient towards this goal and much needs to be done in order to make the investments worth the returns to tap into all the possibilities. General conversations with bot are still a long way off and more technological advancements would be needed in order to make them do so.

All said and done, bots are now a ‘given’ piece in the customer experience journey and are the right arm of futuristic-ready CRM.

The journey has begun and all sorts of vendors and platforms are available to help develop bots in cost-effective manners. The idea is to start small, and make the bot better and intelligent as the time and actual usage increases.

For more information about Chatbots integrated with SuiteCRM , please call our CRM experts.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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