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Executive Summary

  • Explicit objectives were defined to strengthen the business and dealer network through a CRM system that needs practical ergonomics and reliability. Gyproc wanted SAP-integrated SuiteCRM solutions to define and launch different initiatives with a futuristic purpose and connected dealers and non-dealers to enhance its Dealer and Customer relationship management.
  • Gyproc chose Fynsis Softlabs Private Limited for an end to end CRM services as they found them to be very competitive for the value of money and their versatile Open Source CRM solutions.
  • Gyproc was happy with the prompt response and quality of support provided by Fynsis during the deployment of CRM, and it has paved the way for a long-term association.
  • The CRM experts at Fynsis have continuously supported the Gyproc Team by having regular interaction in setting up the CRM application based on specific needs, eliminating the risks, and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • The CRM solutions is able to increase the performance of Gyproc web application by creating simulations of user activity and eliminating all the bottle necks by Effective monitoring.
  • The modules designed with the involvement of Gyproc and Fynsis team in order to understand the basic hiccups during implementation of CRM system.


  • Gyproc faced many challenges in automation of day to day tasks in order to reduce the time spent on manual entry and coordination.
  • The Sales team wanted to focus more on reaching targets by generating leads and increase their chances of customer engagement. Gyproc wanted to explore user friendly B2B Dealer Management CRM solutions to harmonize their goals.
  • Gyproc is in need of effective Dealer and Non-Dealer CRM solutions for Secondary sales tracking, plan meeting schedule with dealers and Non dealers and competitor handling. Gyproc team wants to build stronger connectivity with non-dealers as well for business purpose and needed tagging process of a dealer and his non dealer.
  • Earlier they were able to connect with only dealers and there was lack of transparency about the secondary sales process between the dealers and non-dealers.

Business Solution

  • How did your product help your customer or client implement a better process? Secondary sales modules focusing on 360 degrees view on all their customers, dealers and non-dealers.
  • SuiteCRM modules enabled the Area managers and regional heads to understand the journey of customer and triggered them to offer better assistance with the goal of achieving dealer and end customer satisfaction.
  • Effective mapping of Dealers and Non Dealers using an application interface in iretail CRM by auto linking of sales.
  • Creating more avenues in Suite CRM by enabling link ship to codes for new set of non-dealers and configuration of secondary sales with automatic reallocation.
  • Auto Updation of existing Ship to Non dealer records in to CRM and invoice allocation based on updated relation in to the CRM system.
  • Provision for uploading Manual secondary sales allocation.

Business outcome

Fynsis Expert Team Action steps for SuiteCRM Implementation: 

Fynsis team created SIX basic action items focusing on

1. Dealers

2. Non- Dealers

3. SuiteCRM integration with SAP ERP System of Gyproc

4. Secondary Sales Allocation

5. Monthly Meeting Planner

6. Reports and analytics

Business solution

Dealer Management

  • Fynsis implemented CRM for dealer management with open-source SuiteCRM and Gyproc utilizes it for dealer management data, process and allocation.
  • It allows the company to accurately and efficiently manage its main business relationships with wholesalers, distributors, and dealers.
  • The CRM tool allows the Regional and Area Managers of the company to take charge of the company’s decisive process by automating, organizing and defining how and when decisive activities should be executed with tailored Meeting Modules for site visits and meetings.
  • The Zonal and Regional heads are presented with a greater overview of the company operations. The area managers on the field are given immediate access to every data that affects customer, vendor and prospect relationships. This, in turn, creates a 360-degree outlook of Gyproc business relationship.
  • Open source SuiteCRM integration with SAP Dealers module gives users quick and easy access to prospects, leads as well as tools for quicker response time. The CRM tool also allows the company to work leads by email, phone, and text. There is also a 360 degree worker overview along with performance reporting.
  • This has enabled effective secondary sales data Updation and retrieval, planning the visits and competitor Updation CRM solutions.

Management of Non Dealers

  • Non-dealers in Open source SuiteCRM for distribution and wholesalers are the group of customers that create lots of business, however, they are yet to be dealers in the SAP i.e. they are not formal dealers.
  • Earlier, the non-dealers were instrumental in increasing the sales of Gyproc products. The Regional and Area Heads of the company will take care and find out the non-dealers in their allotted area and maintain in SuiteCRM. Mapping of non-dealers with the dealers will give sales insights to the area head in terms products, banners and time of sale of the product.
  • The payment is collected after sale and there is no need to pay in advance. While wanting an order they can say to surrender area dealers to order on behalf of you.
  • It is because the non-dealers cannot order directly. They don’t have access to SAP. Once non dealers increase the sales at that time they have the access of SAP.
  • This is a big subset of customers who generate lots of business but they were earlier not tracked in system and with Fynsis SuiteCRM they now been managed in most efficient manner.

SuiteCRM integration with SAP ERP System

  • SuiteCRM integration with SAP ERP System presents data on recent invoices and orders for dealers to assist area managers and provide outstanding customer service, at the same time improving sales and cash flow.
  • This manages financial transactions within enterprises. This SuiteCRM SAP ERP integration helps sales team on field to manage data involved in any financial and business transactions in a unified system.
  • It is very flexible and functions well that is ideal time saving solution for smaller organization or a larger organization; SuiteCRM integration with SAP ERP system helps in consolidating data for diverse business transactions to track orders and payments of dealers and non-dealers and meets all legal requirements.

E2 (meeting, Events): Meetings and track site visits

  • SuiteCRM changes the sales team approach by offering a tool for tracking openings across the sales meetings. In the process of focusing their effort towards managing openings, the sales teams can deliver better results and create more value for the company.
  • The SuiteCRM provides the information needed by the sales team in the form of personalized dashboards. This information can be used in various scenarios, which include conducting review meetings, preparing customer calls, among others.
  • With SuiteCRM robust dealer management tool, Gyproc was able to tailor its business relationships with wholesalers, distributors, and dealers to continue providing customer service and maintain quality.
  • The customized reporting tool provides insights on the product capabilities, customer insights, dealer and non-dealer management, challenges and missed visits using CRM integration.>

About Gyproc

Gyproc is one of the Saint-Gobain group’s valuable business arm. It is the leading manufacturers and supplier of innovative and sustainable interior solutions housing a more extensive supply chain network. Gyproc is a market leader in the lightweight interior construction space in India for more than three decades. The products range from Gypsum Plaster boards Systems for False Ceiling, Drywall Partition applications, Acoustical Ceiling Tiles (Gypsum, Mineral Fiber, and Metal & Glass wool), and Gypsum Plastering Solutions. Gyproc systems complement a substantial range of metal framing, accessories, and jointing & finishing products. Gyproc has spread its wings to establish many manufacturing factories, distribution centers serving dealers and non-dealers, and the B2B market. The objective of Gyproc is to provide sustainable manufacturing solutions for the home in terms of renovation and construction.

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