Asterisk SuiteCRM Integration – A major step in the right direction!

By February 23, 2021 March 18th, 2021 Integration

When you invested time and money in acquiring the innovative CRM solution for your company, it is imperative that customer service is a prime focal point for your business and rightly so. You must be having customer service agents who need to make outbound calls and also receive a number of inbound calls to and from prospects or clients. Have you ever envisaged how your CRM can help streamline and automate your customer calling? Read on to find out more!

The CRM platform contains all the information about your customers including their contact details and other information. If this could be used automatically while servicing customers by the customer contact agents, wouldn’t it be really very helpful? Instead of a service representative rummaging manually through the CRM data while searching for the relevant records for a customer that has called in with a query, what if all the information related to that customer if fetched directly from the CRM and displayed on the screen of the agent even before he starts to pick up the phone? Blissful, isn’t it?

This is exactly what the Asterisk and SuiteCRM integration intends to do.  Asterix is a PBX system, an open source telephony solution that uses VOIP for providing telephone exchange features. If you have your IP telephony on the Asterisk system, it is but natural to avail of the benefits of integrating Asterisk and SuiteCRM intelligences, for more efficient performances of your inbound and outbound call centres.

The winning combination of SuiteCRM and Asterisk

The integration is a cost effective solution, as both the CRM and the telephony tend to benefit from each other. The aim is to reduce time in handling each customer call and hence increase productivity.

Advantages from the integration of SuiteCRM and Asterisk are:
  • Auto calling – outbound

Service agents can now scroll through contact info in SuiteCRM and simply click on the number they want to call. The call will be directed to Asterisk, where it will be dialed automatically and then connected back to the agent. 

  • Schedule automated outbound calling campaigns

A batch scheduling via SuiteCRM of outbound calls can be queued up in Asterisk and dialed automatically one by one after the system senses free extensions. On successful answering at the other end, the call is rerouted back to a free agent with relevant customer information from SuiteCRM displayed on his/her screen.

  • Receive calls with all data readily available

For an inbound call, the caller ID integration identifies a called customer/ caller directly from the SuiteCRM contacts, and a friendly pop-up displays the information in a concise and ready window on the screen of the call center service agent. This pop-up allows the minimalistic summarized info to be displayed and an expandable window can be clicked to give more specific details.

  • Better service to the customer 

What information to see is at the discretion of the agent! The SuiteCRM data shall give the entire history of the customer in a snapshot to the agent. The last 5 interactions’ details are displayed, such that there can be a continuation of service to the customer, without the agent having to ask frustrating questions to gather the past history. This helps to build better relationships with the customer with personalized service.

  • Automatic saving of call-related information into the CRM

Once the call is completed, call logs and audio versions can be saved directly into the CRM.

  • Visibility across the board 

Since the CRM has an audience across the board, the data available due to its integration with the telephony system will be visible to all the stakeholders -– sales, managers, IT folks, marketers, and business goal setters. This can be very useful information indeed.

Some intangible advantages

  • Clean solution

Since the Suite CRM can be easily integrated with both the Softphone and the IP Phone, the same advantages of the Asterisk and SuiteCRM integration can be extended over both the mediums.

There is only a minimalistic installation required at the client side. Everything works within the browser window, making it easy to use and get familiar with. There is no need to click on multiple windows to get the relevant data. 

  • Interoperable

The solution for SuiteCRM integration with Asterisk works on all well-established operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. 

The SuiteCRM is a flexible and smart CRM solution by Fynsis. We have a dedicated team of experts who customize the integrated solution for you as per your business needs, involving technical, domain and solution architects who will work in close coordination with you to give you a robust system. Our simple-to-use solutions will ensure that your business gets the competitive edge, streamlined to increase your ROI and boost your bottom line.