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USPS Integration with SuiteCRM- A clever way to ease out your shipping woes

By July 6, 2021August 18th, 2021Integration

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, being late is being out of the picture! You may have the best production and acquisition systems in place, and may be able to manufacture your products well in time. In spite of this, if it doesn’t reach the customer on time, everything else is naught!

Shipping and delivery is a very important leg of your workflow and can make or break your customer’s faith in you. Not only is there a need to be on time, there is also an unwritten rule nowadays wherein the customers want to know where exactly the package is at a given point in time during the transition from order to delivery. This requires fine-tracking and smooth logistic mapping and transparency. Add to that manual intervention, human errors and the cumbersome process of tracking, and it becomes a mammoth task!

No doubt that in the US, the United State Postal Service is a reliable and quick shipment service that is estimated to carry approximately 13% of the total shipments across the country of online shopping and online stores. It also ships on Saturdays and has low cost options. It is also extremely tech-friendly, with a robust API service called the USPS API Web tools web service which enables a software entity to use their services.

The CRM and USPS Relationships

Businesses with a strong customer centric focus, backed by a SuiteCRM platform can thus make use of the USPS API to be able to integrate USPS with SuiteCRM, in order to automate shipping and link it to a customer’s records within the CRM.  Such a harmonious relationship should only synergize processes and bring down costs of delivery. This value added service can actually work out to be a business critical component for your enterprise.

Benefits of USPS CRM integration

  • Reduces manual efforts and errors

By doing away with the need to manually enter data from order creation to CRM, there are reduced time overheads in order processing and also less chances of human errors, as everything is generated automatically from the data in the CRM.

  • Quick and accurate label printing

Time consuming tasks like label printing and manifest forms are now handled quickly and done accurately by the automated integration.

  • Auto generation of order tracking number via the workflow within the CRM

When an order starts to get shipped, a unique identification code is created automatically and is associated with the customer’s contact and order in the CRM. This will ensure online status shipment tracking at all times.

  • Logistics tracking and order management

This is made simpler and automated due to integration of CRM with USPS; everything is now streamlined and located in a single place, transparently visible.

  • Anyone can track it  

Since the shipment details are now integral to CRM, anyone in the chain and across the board with access into the system can see the details. This can include sales and customer service agents who may handle queries from customers regarding the same. It can help the top management track the shipment process of the company, and identify bottlenecks, thereby taking informed decisions to overcome them.

  • Relate orders to tracking numbers, invoices and customer account records

When all details of the order, invoice, customer account and shipment tracking are now contained within CRM, this allows the enterprise to relate everything in a true-blue blend. All the benefits of CRM automatically get translated to and now include the shipment leg under its ambit.

  • Automation of the fulfillment process 

The fulfillment process is seamless and fully automated. Via USPS integration, live domestic and international shipping rates will be calculated for orders originating in the US. Custom-made shipping labels can also be printed.

  • Shipping and customer service at one stop

There is an increased visibility of active order’s shipping and delivery, as well as customer’s history and past records at a single stop. This helps to improve customer satisfaction via self-service and thus increases their loyalty. Accurate delivery estimates will help retain them in the long run.

A final say…

Thus the need to manually manage data between logistics and CRM is done away with using the USPS integration with CRM. By giving real-time shipment tracking, you are able to drive up your customer happiness quotient and enable a smooth workflow.

Fynsis SuiteCRM solution integrates beautifully with the USPS API. They have created a custom plug-that will automatically test the validity of the lead address against what the US postal service had in their database. Their sound system is a well packaged integration that even allows you to add handling fees that covers your labor and packaging costs besides trimming down shipment costs. This is done by mapping shipping estimates and cost analysis against the actual costs incurred and thus creating opportunities to make your shipping rates competitive. With less manual intervention, low errors, low shipping costs, better tracking and faster delivery, you can increase customer satisfaction levels.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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