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Why SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector is Good for Your Business

By April 5, 2021August 18th, 2021Integration

You know that SuiteCRM is an open source application which lets you manage customer relationships effectively. But what we do not know clearly yet is Asterisk.

So, what is Asterisk and what does it do?

Asterisk is a company which provides a communication structure for your application. This framework lets you build your own communications application. Asterisk can also be used as a plugin with SuiteCRM. Asterisk lets you create a personalized communication experience between you and your customers. Currently, it has more than a million communication systems which are used by leading corporations. It provides you with the framework you only have to use it to create a system for your organization.

The Working of Asterisk

Asterisk uses services like VoIP and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to create a convenient communications architecture for your company. Asterisk is supported by many operating systems. However, it is most compatible with Linux and other Unix types of operating systems. If you understand how to do SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector configuration, it will be an advantage. Most companies are using different distributions of the Linux operating system. Therefore, the installation of Asterisk should not be an issue.

How SuiteCRM and Asterisk are integrated

SuiteCRM is at the moment one of the best CRM applications there are. It provides everything that you need for managing customer-related activities. What it lacks, however, is you cannot directly make voice calls, conference calls or communicate with your customers. This missing piece is provided by the SuiteCRM Asterisk Connectors Free Downloads. When both of these, SuiteCRM and Asterisk, are used simultaneously it cuts the cost of using them differently. With this integration, you can make calls with one click from any module on SuiteCRM. The information and call recordings of all the calls are logged into the SuiteCRM database for all calls.

Benefits of using SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

  • Manages Outbound and Inbound calls both.
  • Convenient call logs and recordings.
  • All versions of SuiteCRM are Asterisk compatible.
  • Asterisk Connector can be installed using SuiteCRM Module Loader.
  • They work with both environments.
  • Click to Call Icon lets you call from any module.

Know more about FyNSIS and its role in SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector Free Downloads

Currently, this SuiteCRM integration is getting a positive response from its users. The feedbacks and reviews show that 100 percent of people are satisfied and happy with the experience they are getting. This experience is provided to you by FyNSIS.

More about FyNSIS

FyNSIS is a company with a talented and experienced group of employees. This company has been in the CRM business from at least 15 years now. With such an experienced team of experts, your business is sure to get a lot of assistance from FyNSIS.

What FyNSIS does for your SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector Configuration

The SuiteCRM Asterisk Connectors offered by FyNSIS Softlabs Private Limited. You can contact FyNSIS in case you need any assistance during the whole installation process. Not just installation but also for future assistance, FyNSIS offers its customers with the best customer support.

Learn how to do SuiteCRM Asterisk Connectors configuration in simple steps

  • When you get an inbound call, the notification ‘dashlet’ appears
  • Click the ‘answer’ button to receive an incoming call from any module
  • When you click ‘answer’ a call recording starts for the current call
  • After you end the call, the recording is saved in your database along with the call log.

This is how you use and answer calls using the SuiteCRM Asterisk connector. You can download it from the SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector Free Downloads.

If you encounter a problem:

When you face any difficulty and want to know how to do SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector configuration, you can contact FyNSIS on their support email id. They will surely respond and help you find a solution for all your SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector queries.

SuiteCRM and Asterisk work together to offer you a great experience. If you wish to use your SuiteCRM to communicate with your clients easily, get the Asterisk plugin. It is compatible with all the current versions of SuiteCRM. The SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector makes communication more efficient with the services it has in stock for your business.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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