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Step 1

Download the file from the SuiteCRM store. Log in to your SuiteCRM and Go to Admin by clicking at the top right of SuiteCRM

Click on module loader

Step 2

Choose the file named (which you have downloaded at Step1).

Click on the upload button.

Step 3

Once you click on upload button below page is shown

Hope you have understood the 3 step installation process of Xero.

Once the installation is complete, then please follow the steps for the below steps

Step 1

Go to the Invoice/Quote module List view, and click on Connect to zero Button at top left. It will navigate to the Xero Authentication window.

Step 2

Enter username and password of your Xero Account and press on login button. It will navigate to custom page.

Step 3

Select the invoices which you want to sync with Xero, and press Submit button.

Step 4

This is the Xero invoice page. Here you can find the synced invoices from CRM

Step 5

This is the Xero Contact page. Here you can find the synced contacts from CRM.