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Top 5 Legal CRM softwares enhancing Client relationship using Legal CRM

By August 4, 2021August 29th, 2021Legal CRM


In this article, you will be getting an insight on the Top 5 Legal CRM softwares enhancing Client relationships using legal CRM. Customer relationship management software is a tool that helps you manage your business relationships effectively. Not only does the right CRM software assist with the logistics of handling your client relationships (including automated contact management and progress tracking), but it also allows you to manage leads and extract data to help you analyze relationships, your pipeline, and your success rate with leads and clients.

Some of the prominent Legal CRM softwares like Accelo, Prophet, Lexicata , Law Ruler, and Practice Panther.

Evaluation of CRM software

Implementing a law firm CRM system is one of the best ways to maximize your revenue. It is easy to access leads and tracking process if you are using a CRM platform and it helps in customer retention and also streamlines the communication process.

  • Goals – since they all do slightly different things and have slightly different goals, you need to determine what your #1 goal for implementing a CRM is, and pick around that goal.
  • Core features – “Is it possible for the  CRM to  help me better in order to follow up with referral sources and potential clients ?”
  • User interface – “Can I easily do what I need to do and will my staff be able to figure out how to use it/actually use it?”
  • Customization to my needs – “Can I do what I want to do in the way I want to do it?”
  • Third-party integration – “Does the CRM work with software I already use?”
  • Pricing- In all cases pricing should not be the biggest concern as a CRM software is more valued and is regarded as the good fit for your firm as it has huge ROI potential. First, find what works for you, and then worry about price. 

Accelo Legal CRM –Smarter CRM in Legal Industry

Accelo is the #1 legal project management software made specifically for attorneys and lawyers who are serious about tracking time, expenses, and milestones in real-time and on any device.  Accelo is the leader in integrated cloud-based solutions for client-focused firms. Save time and maximize revenue by automating your business.

Features of Accelo Legal practice management software

The Key features of Accelo legal practice management software are as follows:

  • Keep staff aligned

Accelo integrates client accounts and communications in a central database so that everyone on your team is up-to-date.

  • Automate time tracking

Accelo allows you to log time automatically and store the details of the activities performed by the client in all the mediums of emails, calls and correspondences with other clients.

  • Maximize billable hours

With automated time sheets, you can generate invoices from all work done, while easily integrating with many popular accounting products.

  • Happier clients

Automate to ensure that each one of your 100 clients know that you’re thinking about them. Let them access a client portal for 24/7 service.

  • Keep documents in one place

Accelo automatically stores email attachments and files next to their relevant client record.

  • Smart rates

Accelo legal CRM software provides a flexible budgeting and billing system for the clients letting them to track their performance on an hourly, transactional, or even user-defined basis.

Benefits of Accelo legal CRM

  1. Intelligent : Accelo can intelligently drive your business processes, alert you if things are going off track, forecast the future and make sure you never get lost. 
  2. Professional : Accelo is built just for these kind of sales, making it easy to manage a high-value relationship, not an order form.
  3. Integrated: Accelo software helps you to connect with the colleagues in a seamless manner so that the client management tasks become easy to track and monitor.

Prophet Legal CRM –Comprehensive CRM for legal professionals

Prophet helps lawyers maintain tight, organized communication, which can mean the difference between a clear–cut case and a logistical nightmare. Communication forms the core of any business, and lawyers and law firms have unique communication needs. Simple consolidation of contact lists and previous messages across the firm in Prophet helps to speed communication and avoid wasted time.

In a long term client’s perspective it is evident that  Prophet CRM’s customized service management tools can provide key information about the client and also has easy retrieval process. This seemingly–mundane advantage can in turn direct further research, or help you keep key facts about a long–term client available at a moment’s notice. Prophet CRM helps lawyers to organize client data by allowing them to maintain the relationships complying with the law practices.

Features of Prophet Legal CRM

Features of Prophet CRM

  • Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready: Get access to create, manage and update your essential Contacts, Companies and Opportunities. Have critical Intel at your fingertips with applications for Android and iPhone. 

  • Integrated

Integrated: Our professional services team has the flexibility to facilitate integrations with back office systems and external databases. 

  • Industry Focused

Our consultants draw upon experience in having implemented thousands of use cases. We can work in a collaborative approach with key leadership for CRM customization and the User experience is an intuitive extension reflecting the workflow processes and your taxonomy.

Benefits of Prophet Legal CRM

Prophet CRM which is the Comprehensive CRM software for legal professionals can help in easy task management and paving way for better organization management complying with the statutory and legal compliances. Relationships and people strengthen any legal career, and without a reliable system for tracking these, your legal knowledge can barely be brought to bear.

Law Ruler –A boon to legal practice management

Law Ruler CRM can help manage your practice in different law professions including family law, criminal law, personal injury law, intellectual property, and others. Its full suite of features can handle firms of any size and type, with any number of users. It will completely automate your entire client intake process and streamline other related processes into one single place, and so help increase your client conversion rate.

Law Ruler Legal CRM features include:

  • Contact Management.
  • Cloud Availability.
  • SMS Text and Email Marketing.
  • Integration of  softwares like Clio and  MailChimp etc,.
  • Phone/Call Tracking.
  • Referral Management.
  • Dashboard Analytics.
  • Calendar and Task Management.

We looked at Law Ruler reviews on the Internet, and most users of this legal CRM talk about their great customer service, how easy to learn and use it is, cost effective and adaptive for the end user. All this, we believe, makes it an excellent CRM for lawyers and law firms.

PracticePanther –Affordable Legal CRM

PracticePanther is yet CRM software which includes all the features necessary to help your law practice grow fast. The tool is very affordable and effective and for a small firm or lawyer helping in their time tracking mechanism and legal billing services management.

PracticePanther CRM features include:

  • Client and Matter Management.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Notifications and Chats.
  • Calendar Management and Integrations.
  • Billing and Invoicing.
  • Document Generation.
  • Client Portals.
  • Online Payments – Powered by LawPay.
  • Integrations with third party applications including Gmail, Google calendar, Outlook, Stripe and Paypal for payment processing.
  • Task and Event Management.

The CRM software is very due to its  mobile-optimized UI, auto save, search functionality and calendar integration and note keeping functions. Again, we looked at all the reviews on the web posted by PracticePanther users. Most have recommended it as a CRM that has been very helpful to them.

Lexicata –Web based Legal CRM

Lexicata is a web-based CRM and offers client intake solutions designed exclusively for lawmakers and law firms. It helps you manage your prospects and turn potential leads into actual clients. Lexicata has client intake forms and signature collection options that will assist you in streamlining the entire process from tracking leads when you meet them to closure when they formally retain you as their lawyer.

Lexicata features include:

  • Contact and Lead Management.
  • Scheduling and Managing Events.
  • Task Management.
  • Online Intake Form.
  • Lead Tracking and Analytics.
  • Engagement Letters.
  • Client Intake Tools.
  • E-Signatures.
  • Email Templates and Syncing.
  • Integration with Clio, WordPress, MailChimp etc,.

Most of Lexicata’s reviews speak volumes about its integration capabilities with tools such as Clio. These options make it a comprehensive lead and case management system, and a handy tool for other law firm management processes as well. The tool can be used for email automation and customization of matter, signing of documents and contracts. 

BPM Online-Monetary benefit Legal CRM

BPM Online caters to several different industries, and so cannot be considered as a dedicated CRM for lawyers and law firms or any specific industry. There is good competitiveness between dedicated law firm software solutions in a monetary aspect. This is primarily because of the way it has been able to revamp legal practice management and give its users a comprehensive solution for efficient sales management.

BPM Online features include:

  • Client and Matter Data Management.
  • Integration with Outlook, Word, Excel and other Google services.
  • Auto-time stamp and tracking workflow activities.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Case and Matter Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Sales and Marketing Management.
  • Real time data on financial performance.
  • Reports on employee tasks with amounts and results.

Most of the reviews we found about this tool talk about the intuitive web interface that allows you to undertake your work from anywhere. The customization options are highlighted within the system by the end users and using the configuration tools, it is easier to tweak the system to match your firm’s ever evolving business needs.


Given that there are many options for CRMs out there, I would recommend trying out a few to find what feels the most comfortable to you and seems like it can integrate well into your day-to-day as well as with the other softwares you are currently using. It is very important to understand that no CRM can be 100% intuitive and it requires modifications to address go out of the box scenarios. There will be a small learning curve (hopefully very small), but once you are past that, find out what suits your firm best.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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