SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM

Single System for E-Commerce World

SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM allows you to store customer details, order information and leads to leverage future sales opportunities. It’s a one solid-secure application package containing customized e-commerce CRM integrated with your online store (OpenCart).

Growing out of entry-level, you require niche CRM capabilities and advanced functionality, most e-commerce platforms such as OpenCart or Magento can help you build a great online store, but only a good CRM can help companies to make the most out of it by engaging users in increasing transactions.

This is full-fledged sales and marketing system specially designed for small and large eCommerce companies to take advantage of cloud data and enable multiple people to access customer information, anywhere, anytime and for any devices (desktop, laptops or mobile phones).

In a nutshell, SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM systems have the power to harness customer data, allow us to gain insight into customer buying behavior, segmentation, social inputs, purchasing habits, Geo trends, etc. – which gives the power to cross-sell, up-sell and increase online revenue. Most importantly, It’s a Free Ecommerce CRM from crmdrill comes with SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM to help companies maximize profits.

“We are now sure to expand rapidly in chosen niche market with this valuable information”

Advantages of SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM

SuiteCRM integration with Chat tool is suitable for small, medium or large size websites which aim to serve website visitors in real-time. It is designed with core principles to enhanced revenue generation, maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

Single solution for online Sales

Offline promotions with newsletter campaigns, emails to abandonment, auto updates on order status and Marketing.

Abandonment Cart

email reminders to customers to help incomplete transactions


define rules and alerts to perform certain actions (such as welcome email upon order completion, thank you email upon delivery, feedback request form etc.,


CRM reporting engine is far beyond traditional reporting, it provides indepth analysis and conversion metrics, and drill down with periodic email reports

Sync Contact Automation

customers, subscribers and signs up forms recorded as a contact in CRM to connect with ongoing campaigns

SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM

• Real-time access – data sync between e-commerce (OpenCart) and CRM (SuiteCRM) will auto populates data like contacts, items, purchase history, payment details, refund information, customer issues or cases.

• Integrated Telephony – CRM integration with your call center application helps agents personalize calls using CTI screen pops and more. Identify callers with a phone number and display information, such as the caller’s name, on the agent’s screen before the call connects.

• Chat tool integration – strengthen business offerings and supports marketing strategies to significantly add value and ensure increased ROI. Easily deploy chat service to engage customers and improve online sales & support to solve web visitor queries in real-time.

E-Commerce CRM Significance

Considering the next evolution in technology, there is a clear case that customer relationship management (CRM) systems will logically unite with E-Commerce Platform. It seems inherently obvious for a company to have a single system to record customer information and interactions. A sales representative managing portfolio of accounts certainly does not have the bandwidth to consistently converse with every customer and prospect. If CRM capabilities are added to B2C e-commerce, sales reps have much greater visibility into accounts, products or services and of course improving sales effectiveness.

Taking this a step further, the integration of CRM and e-commerce provides the foundation for customer self-service, which has been traditionally challenging to implement because the necessary information usually lives partly in e-commerce system and partly in CRM. Now with integrated system obviates the need to reconcile data across two applications while improving customer experience.

Another driving factor towards integrated SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM is increasing awareness that conventional transaction funnel is outdated. In the old world of commerce, where transactions were driven by sales people, each interaction was focused and time-consuming, but in today’s digital, mobile and social world, customer interactions with a brand leading up to a sale are far too frequent. ECommerce CRM adapts to these micro-interactions because without an integrated platform that interaction will likely never occur.

CRM capabilities embedded in an e-commerce platform are greater than the sum of the two separate products. While the technology challenges presented when integrating standalone CRM and eCommerce can be daunting, our system offers both capabilities natively integrated to multiply your returns.

Some of the Key Functionalities

SuiteCRM Integration with Asterisk IP-PBX for both inbound and outbound call centers. It seamlessly integrates & easy to configure.


USPS is absolute end-to-end order fulfillment system with real-time visibility on shipping and logistics that reduces labor costs and prevents data entry mistakes.


PayPal integration is seamless and real-time “Once the information is keyed in one system it will push data to another system instantaneously”


Easy you make customers pay, more likely they keep paying you. If you are set to accept online payments deploy this SuiteCRM integration with PayPal payment gateway plugin.

Live Helper Chat is an open source – Live Support chat application for a website to help in effective communication and engage customers and visitors in improving sales and service.

SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM allows you to store customer details, order information and leads to leverage future sales opportunities.