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Maximize returns on SuiteCRM investment by proper training

By June 12, 2021August 18th, 2021Opensource CRM

Getting a sound SuiteCRM system like the SuiteCRM solution for your enterprise is indeed a wise decision. A tool is as good as the hand that uses it. What would be the use of sound technology and a powerful solution if people do not know how to leverage its benefits? No matter how many manuals are available with the software, humans learn new concepts best when explained practically with live hands-on as well.

To be able to gain full potential of your recently acquired SuiteCRM software training, it is of paramount significance that you indulge in formal training for the usage of the solution. A corporate setup has staff from various departments who can benefit greatly from the CRM, if they are made aware and are familiar with the tool.

The approach to effective SuiteCRM Training

Having the right SuiteCRM training that will resonate with your particular business needs is crucial. Any generic program may probably be not as effective. Thus approaching the training program in a planned manner will yield desired results. Here are some of the key factors that must be incorporated in an effective training plan:

Customization it is!

Mapping your own unique requirements and then planning the training according to your staff’s needs and current levels will bear fruit. Everyone does not need to know everything, so prioritization of relevant features is advantageous.

Practical goes the long way vs ideal!

Your training session must include a mix of all stakeholders – sales, business leads, developers, customer reps, admin-et all! It is a good idea to have SuiteCRM champions who can form a core group to promote widespread acceptance of the CRM across the organization.

Simple is acceptable!

Focusing on the ‘why’ and not only the ‘how’ will help people understand the reason to switch to CRM. If they align their own work goals to ‘What Is In It For Me’ of the training, they will be more willing to learn and adapt.

Account for accountability!

You are making a big investment in the SuiteCRM product and its training; it may be a good idea to associate a formal tracking system to analyze the adoption and usage of the SuiteCRM. Adding accountability such as linking it to staff performance or mandatory work processes in the organization may work for you.

Hear what they say!

Everything has scope of improvement, and the SuiteCRM training is no exception. Despite your best efforts, your employees may have some valuable feedback on weaknesses and improvement areas, as well as highlight strengths. Have a transparent feedback system to help you evaluate your training and take actions to improve it over the next round.

Most of the CRM solution vendors will be happy to provide you the required training. FynSiS supports a formal training program that can complement your SuiteCRM solution. The training program can be customized as per the business groups and departments in your setup. Target training can aid willing acceptance of the CRM by your employee and smooth transition to the efficient automated ways of working.

Fynsis offers effective SuiteCRM training services for all clients and has been regarded as the most preferred SuiteCRM partner in the industry..

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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