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The spectrum of SuiteCRM Integrations and their benefits

By July 5, 2021August 18th, 2021Opensource CRM

In this blog you will get an insight on the spectrum of SuiteCRM integrations and their benefits.The revolution of CRM has a new lease, with the arrival of  free Opensource CRM application – SuiteCRM. It is a customizable, robust, state-of-the-art, enterprise-class software that is being adopted by many companies the world over. Being free, it brings down the deployment costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for CRM adoption. 

SuiteCRM has the ability to integrate with legacy and new-age back-end and parallel systems within the framework of an enterprise. In fact, the popularity of SuiteCRM has resulted in many solution providers using it to offer low-cost and versatile solutions to their clients.

In a nutshell, SuiteCRM supports healthy integrations with the following:

Back-processes meet the front-lines – Integration with ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning focuses on streamlined process management for the entire organization including all business functions, departments and processes in the product development and back office operations including human and machine resources. SuiteCRM works on the other end, the customers. It focuses on building long-term relationships with prospects and customers, such that the company’s ecosystem grows around the end-user at the center. It supports SuiteCRM integration with ERP to enable enterprises to get a unified system across the back and front end, where data can flow seamlessly for an improved efficiency, visibility and accuracy across the organization and thereby optimize resources and bring down operational costs.

Smooth payments via PayPal Integration

SuiteCRM lets companies extend the advantages of automation’s and customer service to the billing and payment process as well. This is achieved via a smooth SuiteCRM integration support with PayPal, a popular online payment gateway. This integration empowers an organization to streamline invoice generation from within the CRM, auto alerts and reminders for due payments, connect payments to customers in the CRM database automatically and deliver instant paid-for benefits to the customers. 

The power of great customer service with Live Chat Integration

SuiteCRM can work in harmony with a chat tool engaged by a company for service to its customers. This promotes free flow of data and real-time information availability from SuiteCRM to the customer service reps during live chat sessions. It also helps on-the-field sales agents to have live information and news from the past recorded chat history when they meet customers or leads, thereby increasing chances to make better sales.

Create enriched UX with OpenCart Integration

OpenCart is a free open source platform which helps a business to set up an online store. Integrating OpenCart with SuiteCRM helps render an enhanced UX, better customer service, save costs, aid target marketing and improve analytics for better sales.

Unleash the power of auto-calling with Asterisk Integration

The Opensource telephony system, when integrated with SuiteCRM, empowers the service reps to make auto-calls from their screens, schedule automated outbound calling campaigns, handle calls with all CRM data readily available and auto-saving call-related data into the CRM. This reduces efforts and promotes better customer service.

Automate shipping with USPS Integration

The US Postal Code integration with SuiteCRM helps a company to streamline its delivery system by automating shipping and linking it to a customer’s records in the CRM. Auto-generation of tracking numbers from the CRM, auto-tracking and order management reduces costs and errors.


SuiteCRM can thus interact with various modules and processes deployed by an organization to create an end-to-end efficient and automated system. Fynsis has the expertise in providing robust solutions for SuiteCRM integration across a gamut of businesses spanning multiple industries.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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