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In this blog, you will understand the customer centricity in social CRM and its positive impact.

CRM is all about focusing on the customer. It is a change in the mindset of conducting business. Customer-centric working and thinking is the main driver today to consolidate a business around. It is the main propeller that runs all the marketing channels of a business. The world is becoming more customer-centric by adapting to the growing and dynamic changes as per the needs and wants of the customers. They go full throttle in an all-in-one attempt to reach out to their target audience across all possible channels and forums, including email marketing, social media marketing, and so on. It’s a vital need for the business to think, listen, understand, provide relevance, and optimize content value and act the way the customer wants. 

The business model around social media focuses on the customer and its related aspects like customer engagement, influence, and collaboration. Moreover, the intent of the Social CRM model is to create a mutual transparency between company and customer in genuine, trustworthy, and trackable ways.

Redefining the system

Businesses have to broaden their definition of customers, to be customer-centric. It is not only the traditional external customer, the end-user that is important. Much neglect has been the fate of internal customers till date. The products and services are of course bought by the customers, but it is the internal employee who makes sure the goods and products reach the right quality standards. The staff directly and indirectly and what they speak and project about the company contribute to bringing business stability, attracting investors, the media, and all the people who are connected with this ecosystem. More than customer products and services, people buy experiences, respect, a sense of belonging and indirect value. The customer is a vendor too and so it is necessary to buy his trust, confidence, respect and his entry into the digital or social influence sphere. All these aspects are integral to a comprehensive Social CRM system. 

The success of any CRM implementation largely depends on the ability of the users to efficiently work with the system. This is the best way to know more about the SuiteCRM Implementation & SuiteCRM Training.

What is customer centricity about?

It is not just a fancy term, nor is it something too grand! Customer centricity is about the mindset of the business to make changes such that the perception of the customers is the forerunner in all business decisions. It is also about organizational processes and issues that require cultural changes within the businesses, strategy, and management support. The actual methods that guide the way it is achieved will depend upon the type of industry a business unit is in. The way the business is operated is about transforming:

  • The implementation processes led by management. This may require a relook and a major overhaul of changing the corporate culture. Easier said than done, but totally doable, given the thrust and push.
  • Imbibe a spirit of inclusion of all. For instance, to take multidisciplinary teams and to take crucial decisions by getting the right people and perhaps even customers (or their feedback) around the table actively participating and contributing to the same.
  • A radical change in the way the business communication is done across all dimensions – internal, external, business, partners etc. This is necessary given the viral nature of social media. To tighten the control is, therefore, a must.
  • Promoting transparency and lean systems such as getting rid of the walls between sales, after sales and marketing silo teams.
  • A sincere attempt to redefine economic value and the relationship with the customers.

Customer centricity is also about building marketing campaigns, stories, sales strategies, and websites so that the entire business ecosystem is structured around the customers buying cycle, his experiences, needs, and behaviors instead of products and business plans. This can be achieved by hearing the voice of the customers through true listening and speaking. Social media plays an important role here, given its open nature, deep outreach, and being a generally unbiased platform.

Change of corporate culture is an opportunity to reinvent

A change of culture needed is to move from the way the business is done via a product-oriented approach to a customer-oriented approach. This change doesn’t come naturally or rapidly though. It comes with focus, experience, time, and much effort. If a company doesn’t think about changing the corporate culture towards a customer and data-driven model, then the company best let go of the notion of customer centricity.

In the end, it is all about how an organization wants to evolve and adapt. Is the enterprise really ready to identify, define and implement new changes that are needed to do even the seemingly stable processes of the day-to-day work? Companies need to be humbler in their approach while implementing the changes and realize that accepting the rules and implementing does require time. For instance, proper dialogues between executives and staff are necessary to see the change as an opportunity instead of a threat. The overall business goals and strategy need to be looked upon from a much broader perspective and discussed transparently to be able to get a buy-in from all stakeholders.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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