Auto-archiving of Emails is a cake walk using our SuiteCRM Plugin

Boost business productivity, compliance & continuity with email archive!

The Email archiving is a user friendly tool which helps the end users to customize their personal email Inbox to send, receive, view, store emails for retrieval and reference at any point of time.

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For example, the Email archiving is very useful for sales teams so that they can get access to any customer related information for any period and it helps greatly in sales pitching. The sales team can import emails associated with a relevant SuiteCRM module and the team can retrieve the records on the history sub panel.

Four big reasons to go for auto email archive

Need to stay compliant in business operations

Retrieve historical customer data to gain fair insight into customer stories, preferences, quotes, and business.

To manage and  reconnect with the lost clients

Easy access to records of important customers for future reference or revival or new business prospects.

Four Simple Steps To Archive Emails in SuiteCRM

We have done the coding - You finish the setup

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Step 1

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Step 2

Purchase The Package

Step 3

Install The Package

Go to AdminClick on Email Archive settings

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Email Module Settings

Auto Email Configuration Page

Auto Email Configuration pages

Incase if number of unsynced / new emails are more than 100 emails,

Users get link to Bulk Email Sync Page for mass syncing.

Key Benefits of SuiteCRM Auto Email Sync


Minimised storage requirements

Advanced compression technologies and deduplication check engine ensure auto email archive store single email

Cost effective email archiving

Store emails faster & eliminate human errors. Save emails with pre-determined rules and tag to specific records.

Prevention of Data loss and maintaining the integrity

Eliminating risks of deleting the record accidentally or any case of tampering.

Increased server performance

emails are archived in real-time and stored seamlessly based on user activity.

Ensures strict compliance to data

to address any issues related to retention, litigation and auditing.

Account creation for all users

with accelerated search capabilities as time saving solution.

Mailbox quotas are eliminated

to limit the storage capacity of the company's e-mail server.

Simplified back up and quick restore solutions

on a click saving time and energy.

Eliminate PST files import jobs

Emails auto Imported in CRM and Enabled easy search capabilities.

Why you need email archiving?

Earlier, if you are using SuiteCRM, you need to manually switch to email page & check the mails. It is time consuming and there is less chance to retrieve the data due to lack of synchronization. This spark made our developers initiate a customer & field which can help in synchronizing the specific emails received by the user & customize the retrieval process to save time & increase the productivity.

Features of SuiteCRM Email Archiving Engine

SuiteCRM Email Archive Plugin is quite user friendly and easy to install, Let us understand the features of the Email archiving engine to get more clarity.

Auto Archive Emails both Inbox and Sent Items

You can install the plugin to archive emails automatically from your both Sent and Inbox folder of your email box to SuiteCRM.

View Archived Emails in CRM History Panel

It is easier to view the archived emails under the History panel and retrieve any desired information directly in leads, accounts and contacts.

Enterprise Class

The email archiving is a scalable solution for enterprise class with an easy installation and configurations setup with centralized administration.

Server-Side Integration Syncs Email Directly

It is secure, as it facilitates only the integration of Server and not user desktops and it is independent of the user interface (Windows or Mac).

Handle Large Email Traffic

Instant data viewing, high performance and capability to handle large email traffic are key features with the email archiving plugin.

Synchronization Time-Saving Solution

Sync sent & received emails to access directly in history subpanel without going to emails module. Time-saving solution for CRM users

Add integrations to boost your CRM experience

Customer Portal

Clients now have ability to get support and submit issues with an open line correspondence. A scope of self-benefit alternatives, you’ll help consumer loyalty & in addition long-haul services.

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Xero SuiteCRM Plugin

Synergy of Xero and SuiteCRM is a double bonanza, as it brings seamless flow of customers data from CRM to actual billing system in useful handshake so the bills can be generated without manual process.

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