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Education CRM 

FACT SuiteCRM Modules

SuiteCRM offers a built-in contacts module that has been customized as Students modules to manage candidates’ profiles and their education preferences. It maintains student’s contact details, educational qualification with scores, preferred course of study and which are preferred universities they would seek admissions for with preferred countries for higher education.
With access to all this information in a single click, it is easy for the Fact counsellor to serve students more efficiently. In nutshell it gives a holistic view (students 360 degree view) on just opening student detail view within SuiteCRM.

It is one of the most intelligent functions in the entire CRM system that helps higher education aspirants to find best match universities based on predefined logic. SuiteCRM built in custom code will analyse student profiles with given universities in target countries and suggest counsellors with matching universities to apply and also system recommended probability of selection in each institute.    

SuiteCRM is customized to handle Students cases and feedback. Starting from the inception of students’ journey towards the enrolment process and till he completes the course he will come across many issues that need to be tracked within CRM. Issues pertaining to his application status, payments related, accommodation related, university or course related etc.

SuiteCRM has built-in workflows and escalations to manage all types of cases received from students. It auto assigns cases to respective departments to revert within SLA. SuiteCRM has provided customized and time saving solutions for students in the cases module by its easy to use user interface and enhanced user experience.

Client self-service portal integrated with for education SuiteCRM needs to help candidates to manage their education profiles and get admission status updates directly from Fact students’ portal. 

Opensource CRM software will help students achieve academic success and maintain personal well-being, if we set up to remind students of upcoming deadlines, exam schedules, or information resources. Many platforms are easily customizable in CRM. 

For example, the students can get individual alerts related to payment deadlines, examination dates as automated emails for better clarity. This enhances the admission process of the students and it is indeed a great relief with the user friendly CRM application of FACT. 

Enrolling students in foreign universities or college is a complex assignment which involves various stages such as: 

  • Shortlisting Countries based on preferences of students and parents
  • Identifying best universities with career growth in sync to courses offered and preferred course student want to enrol 
  • Analyse the entrance exam score and education criteria to make final decision.
  • Prioritize universities to apply based on results. Helps greatly in the decision making process of choosing the final university and course.
  • Students and parents counselling to suggest best fit universities based on preference and entrance results.
    1. Submit applications to shortlisted universities 
    2. Follow Up on application acceptance 
    3. Finally proceed with admissions 

This process of admission will just get started with above steps but further more Fact team has to fulfil all other criteria to gain admissions like; provide necessary documents for visa processing, travel and accommodation arrangements with various end to end formalities 

SuiteCRM is customized to meet the above admission process with a tailor made admissions module to track status of admission at each step and help the Fact team in the admission process in the most effective and systematic manner.  SuiteCRM is fully customized as the best education CRM to help institutes streamline the process of short listing candidates and allow them to engage in improving the enrollment results. 

Business Outcome

With Education CRM, FACT was able to expand their horizon in other countries and it was regarded as an ideal service provider for overseas studies and career planning. The students were greatly satisfied with the CRM application as it has great user experience with a user friendly environment. Fynsis team has developed a customized reporting tool for FACT so that they can easily access any report to retrieve key information about the students, their preferences and mapping of universities to boost their business productivity.

Business Problem

FACT has faced many challenges in encapsulating its multi-variant services in a single application module. Every time they struggle to identify the best universities for students spending more effort and time.

FACT spends a lot of time finding the best match universities for students. It was quite a task to list out the eligibility criteria for each and every university and then suggest the university which is ideal for the student. The process was very lengthy and time-consuming.

On other hand, FACT is a reputed company who is in the overseas education space and career planning for the last 8 years and they have accumulated a huge amount of data on admission history. This historic admission data is very valuable and can provide effective insights on what criteria this admission was granted or how those students could be successful in gaining admissions. FACT wanted to leverage on these best practices as and when new candidates approach them for applications.

Solution Delivered by Fynsis Team

Fynsis team understood the key requirements of the FACT team and developed a CRM application complying with all the objectives and business goals. In a student’s profile view, CRM software will help in searching and suggesting the best universities to students based on their eligibility criteria and send automated mails to students so they can file the application and go for admission. 

Scenario and Customer Use Case: Historic data of universities will be stored in the CRM. Different universities have their own criteria for the students. CRM finds out universities based on criteria and then maps it to the students’ profile. Once the students upload their scores, the CRM will send automated mails about the universities based on their criteria.

Fynsis team has developed a customized reporting tool for FACT so that they can easily access any report to retrieve key information about the students, their preferences, and mapping of universities to boost their business productivity.

About FACT

FACT overseas education is the one stop shop for all higher education needs providing end to end services in counselling, visa guidance, documentation and financial planning. FACT is a pioneer in the field of overseas higher education spreading their services for 21 years. It is indeed a great experience to place 22k students in top tier universities of USA, France, Ireland and Germany. FACT career plan has the credit of having the best overseas education career counsellors. FACT offers the following customized services to the students by providing exhaustive VISA Interview Training, Assistance on Academic Documentation, Pre-Departure Counselling, and Guidance on Financial Funding etc. The key highlight is that they have 98% Student VISA Success rate for the USA.

Why We need to choose FACT

The key processes involved in applications process are

Selection of Universities & Program

Academic & Financial Documentation

After applications

Preparations Once you have been accepted – (Admissions Counselling/Visa Guidance)

FACT provides a complete insight of all the colleges that the candidate is eligible to apply including the streams using their sophisticated CRM application. This also in turn helps to shortlist the universities based on candidates SAT, GRE, IELTS and the TOEFL marks. Once the college is chosen based on the criteria’s and available options, FACT provides strong guidance to complete the VISA procedure.

FACT provides individual attention to each and every student right from the day of enrolment to the day when he/she flies out of the country to fulfil their dreams. This is the unique significance and noteworthy characteristic of FACT. FACT provides end to end customer centric overseas education opportunities in a customized fashion by making a long and exhaustive process of admissions in to a more realistic and easy one

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