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Advantages Xero Integration Plugin

By November 27, 2020August 18th, 2021Integration, SuiteCRM

In this blog, you will know about –Xero Integration Plugin. Your invoices and bills are connected in Xero and it links your prospect and customer information. Xero integration helps your business transform a prospect into a sales process involving invoice and payment terms.

Financial collaboration

It is easier to create Xero invoices directly from and append the new customer contacts to Xero with a single click. Never miss another payment deadline.

Cloud based, customer invoicing

Invoice customers wherever you are. Login from your PC, Mac or mobile.

Cash flow visibility

  • Automatically import and categorize bank statements in real time.
  • Any administrator with a Xero login can connect their account to a Xero accounting organization. 
  • The -Xero integration will add a Xero sub tab to contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects.
  • With the Xero integration, you can display high-level accounting totals and the status of individual invoices and bills to designated users. These users will also be able to create new invoice drafts directly from.

Accounting Integrations

  • The concept of CRM’s accounting integrations is that billing is usually handled by the accounting application, which is separate from the CRM tasks that your sales people will be performing. 
  • The sales people can generate an invoice but they won’t be managing the entire accounting process. As such, you have two separate lists of contacts – one for the sales team, one for the accounting team. 
  •  CRM does not have automatic “sync” between the CRM contacts and your accounting system contacts – you can connect them, but that is done on a case-by-case basis rather than as a bulk process.
  • Since their largest market is in the US, they worked on the integration with QuickBooks online first, as the majority of requests here were for integration with Intuit products. 

CRM integration with Xero allows users to:

  • View records from the accounting program
  • Copy and link data between the two systems
  • Create invoice drafts from administrators with a Xero login can set up the integration by following the directions at Connecting to Xero. 

Organizations and contacts

  • Create an invoice draft in Xero. (You can also create invoice drafts in Opportunity and Project records. More on that, below.)
  • Unlink the current record from the Xero contact.
  • View the contact in Xero, which will open a new tab.
  • The overview displays invoice and bill totals, as well as the lifetime value and 12-month value of the Xero contact. 
  • The overview will display the totals of authorized and submitted invoices and submitted bills in your Xero base currency. Xero items in other currencies will not be included in the summary.
  • If you want to see the details of a transaction or modify it, click the View button to log in to Xero and access the invoice or bill.

Opportunities and project

The Xero sub tab on opportunities and projects will display:

  • Invoices and bills that have been linked to the current record
  • Items in other currencies will not be included in the summary calculation, although they will appear in the list of invoices and bills.

From an opportunity or a project, you can:

  • Create an invoice draft for a Xero contact. If the contact does not exist in Xero, you can create it here without leaving the page.
  • Find and link to Xero invoices and bills. When you click the Invoices or Bills buttons, you can select the Find… option to search for Xero invoice numbers or bill reference IDs and date ranges.

If you want to know more about Xero Integration Plugin with your CRM, Please visit or call the CRM Experts from Fynsis Softlabs.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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