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Are you interested to know the pricing options available to you? Here we go!

Basic Services

If you are looking for initial developmental, then for basic services.

Catering to all your field level and studio  level SuiteCRM modification.


Consulting & Basic Services

Most businesses who are in their verge of entrepreneurship have opted for expert consultation services.

Catering to all your field level and code level SuiteCRM modification with expert consultation with Fynsis expert team.


SuiteCRM Expert Services

If you want to opt for end to end CRM requirements, they opt for our SuiteCRM expert services.

Catering to all field level, studio level and code level SuiteCRM modification.


Do you want to deliver exceptional experiences to customers at all levels?

Then you need to introduce and blend functionalities like email, social media marketing, help desks and analytics as one single entity. You need to build these enhancements around the CRM for greater level of customer satisfaction.

If you require any guidance, support or training in this process, our SuiteCRM team will be more than happy to help. Fynsis has designed affordable pricing packages for training, hosting and support services of SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Support

Our SuiteCRM Support Packages provides best-in-class coverage and response for SuiteCRM. With multi modal options to be delivered by email, portal or phone, you can be confident that our experienced and knowledgeable experts will troubleshoot SuiteCRM in compliance defined and monitored Service Level Agreements. This exclusive support provides the foundation you need to be confident of your investment in SuiteCRM.

Choose any one of the options as below:

SuiteCRM Training



SuiteCRM Hosting



You can also opt for combination of these services. We also have a flexible hourly consultation based on the requirements. For more details about the pricing options contact [email protected].

Support FAQ

What is free support?

Free support can be accessed through the use of the SuiteCRM forum pages. Many of the answers to issues that crop up in the use of SuiteCRM can be found there by some patient searching. You can also register here and post any issues you have come across and await answers by other users.

What is dedicated support?

Dedicated support issues are all dealt directly with the SuiteCRM support team. It is specifically designed for users who need a quicker and more robust fault support system. All support issues are dealt with in accordance with specific Service Level Agreements for each account and in some instances telephone support is provided 24/7/365.

Why should I take support?

A dedicated support package gives you the peace of mind that your system will be maintained and supported by the maintainers of the SuiteCRM software. Also, unlike most other support CRM contracts, we do not bill your support in accordance with the number of users we are supporting for you, instead you are only billed for the number of support hours you want to pre-order over a 12 month period. Our packages also provide you with clear time-scales for response and fixes for your users and your business.

What type of service can I expect?

The SuiteCRM Support team is committed to providing world-class service and support to its customers. Staffed by highly skilled support engineers and supported by the development team who write and maintain SuiteCRM, the SuiteCRM Support team is dedicated to resolving your issues quickly and professionally.

Why do I have to pay for it upfront?

In order to meet our commitment to providing world-class support we need to plan our resources and to train our support engineers. This is a medium to long-term investment by us that we can only deliver with the assurance that medium to long-term support contracts are in place and fully-funded.

What are the main features of dedicated support?

  • Direct access to expert technical staff

  • Minor, Major, and Critical severity prioritisation of support issues

  • Guaranteed response times

  • Support for multiple releases of the software

  • Support assistance with general questions, configuration/ usage, and basic troubleshooting

  • Consulting assistance available for bug fixes, understanding new features, patches / upgrades, and hands-on assistance

  • Ongoing Maintenance for Past, Present and Future Releases

Will I get a refund if I cancel after 1 months?

No. Your contract is for a 12 month period and we invest in the resources to ensure that you receive first class support for the 12 months

Do I have to renew my support every 12 months?

No. You are entering into a subscription agreement and your contract will automatically renew at the end of 12 months. If you do not wish to renew your agreement, you can cancel it at any time in the support dashboard.

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