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Why Fynsis ?

Built on SuiteCRM software system, Fynsis has a CRM solution designed specifically for each vertical. Realizing that firms need to develop better relationships with clients.

Why Fynsis ?


“It is the philosophy of FyNSiS to meet and surpass customer satisfaction levels by equipping them with high-quality tailor-made products and services in order to fulfil their needs for the present and even the future.”


We have the right tools and technology that ensures you that we are a long-term and serious player in the IT and CRM domain.


These include SuiteCRM implementation, Email integration, Reporting, Project & Activity management, and custom-built software for your business needs. Our wide spectrum of service offerings comprises of Software Development, Web solutions, Enterprise Mobile Development, Suite CRM & SugarCRM implementation, Migration and customizations.

Core Strengths

Our technological core strengths comprise of PHP, jQuery and HTML development. We use these latest revolutionary languages to design and implement software application for small, medium sized and large project. Our complete solutions include intelligent designing, coding, designing, interface implementation, installation & configuration of Asterisk IP PBX and building software.

Our Crazy Skills


Quality Management

Why Fynsis

Quality & Assurance

Fynsis is known to  provide High Quality, effective & affordable solutions at a reasonable cost to its clients and it has been our our core mission and objective. 

Why Fynsis

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Continuous process improvement & active participation of all employees is our thrust to achieve leadership in quality, price and delivery.

Why Fynsis

Quality Objectives

Fynsis aspires to continuesly deliver with its Quality Control activities and fine tune the quality control processes specifically required to meet industry and CRM standards

Our Story

Well, let’s get this straight.

Fynsis is not about pretentious enterprise lead by Top Business Graduates who got there because of the summer project, they did while in business school. Or, we don’t even expect to be funded by an elite venture capitalist in the near future. But? We know this business so damn well, that, neither of the above can deliver results like we do. You may ask why!

Simple! Because we have a track record of implementing 100s of successful SuiteCRM and SugarCRM deployment in India and Abroad. We are the ‘insiders’ who trained the agencies you went window shopping for. We are even the ones who manage the clients who they ‘claim’ to manage. It might sound pompous, but it is the truth!

So, here we are, out of leading IT service provider (Not out of Oxford or Harvard!), determined to make a difference in the SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Implementation business. Yes, we could not stop ourselves because we saw money left on the table for our clients every single time.

We deliver nothing but ROI on every penny you spend on technology. We can tell exactly what is needed. Sounds good? Not done yet, let us also go a step forward.

‘If we don’t deliver promised results, we don’t get paid. Simple? That’s how life ought to be’

Move Ahead

We’d love to share our experiences and discuss your business needs to help you bring Projects To Life.
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