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Companies that offer CRM powered by Artificial Intelligence

By July 2, 2021August 18th, 2021CRM Trends

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), around 50% of the work is being carried out by intelligent solutions, often deployed in the cloud. For this reason, the cloud vendors have already doubled their market shares in a short span of time. Some innovative companies have been able to put AI backed solutions to enhance customer experience.

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Several CRM companies are using AI solutions to enrich their platforms with the power of ‘smartness’. With Artificial Intelligence, companies will be able to deliver more personalized and predictive customer experience across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. Artificial Intelligence powered by CRM can help you in answering queries, exploring new opportunities, resolving difficult problems, engaging customers, and much more. Artificial Intelligence tools, for instance, are helping to enhance the efforts of the various company personnel engaged in customer interaction by screening useful patterns of data and finding a successful course of action, thereby improving their ability for addressing customer grievances and complaints. 

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Companies that offer CRM backed by Artificial Intelligence:

  • Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is described as a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence solution for CRM. It performs all AI capabilities and features across Salesforce clouds. Einstein builds a data model, data preparation, and infrastructure, and embeds it into Salesforce workflows. With Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the benefits can be seen immediately. Einstein can help various enterprises’ business sales wherein it can help them to anticipate the upcoming opportunities, services wherein cases can be proactively resolved before they actually happen, marketing wherein predictive journeys can be created, and in information technology wherein intelligence can be created with apps for employees and customers. Einstein is available on sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud, Salesforce platform, analytics cloud and community cloud. It’s a complete bundle out there!

  • Zia from Zoho

Named short and sweet, its capabilities are just the opposite! Zia is developed by Zoho which streamlines the workflow and covers up anomalies in defects amongst other unique strengths. It uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize CRM data through data mining and machine learning to deliver information such as sales alerts, predictions, and suggestions. Customer behavior can be understood proactively with Zia and you can even deliver personalized marketing campaigns and services for improved sales.

  • Kreato

Kreato is another CRM tool which is built for small and medium business enterprises to enable them to primarily grow their sales. It is embedded with Artificial Intelligence that auto guides the CRM sales team to focus on the right activities. Such focused approach to performing the right sales activities at the right time and in an effective way are key factors towards success. You can capture prospect details from different sources and convert them into multiple leads. Kreato is mainly developed for the Indian market and has built-in features to meet the needs of the Indian companies.

  • SAP

SAP is another tool that has gone the AI way. It has implemented Artificial Intelligence in the functionality of its popular S/4 HANA cloud ERP. The new features give automated insights to business data. It also includes preparing lists of top vendors and monitoring accounts for an organization with past performance, pricing, and its ability to deliver. The penetration of its ERP solutions is deep in the market across industry verticals, and AI enablement is a boon for existing customers as well as SAP loyalists.

  • Startup Sales flare

A relatively new start-up is Sales flare, which is a niche in its own way, due to features like an automated timeline for all types of communications. This allows users to know the prospect customer well by clearly showing which prospect is interested in which particular service or product of the company’s business. 

  • Tenger Data Technologies

Tenger Data is a passionate start-up that is focusing on developing and implementing high machine learning and deep learning technologies to solve a variety of CRM problems. The proponents believe that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Predicting the churn of customers is very helpful to businesses. This is a prime focus of Tenger Data. Their well-known DL solution is one more feather in the cap of Tenger Data that will help companies to make decisions based on deep insights while interacting with customers.

  • ETCH

CRM powered ETCH is an intelligent system that helps you to remember all the people you meet. It transforms the users’ network into a powerful database by storing the contacts, and other relevant data at one convenient place. It also automatically eliminates the duplicate contacts and searches for information across multiple sources. This intelligence is fabulous for ensuring a robust and up-to-date contact data that is ready-to-refer-to whenever needed.

  • Conversica

Conversica provides leading software for marketing and sales functions of various organizations. Conversica’s automated sales assistant automatically converts contacts, lead assistants, qualifies them with either opportunities or opts them out. Their details like phone numbers, the best time to call, and other relevant information is gathered automatically from email scraping and is transferred to salespersons who take it further and bring the deals to closure. As a result, users of Conversica find their next prospect more easily and efficiently with no leads left untouched.


With Artificial Intelligence, technologies are becoming smarter each year in the world of business. Integration with machine learning capabilities and smart intelligence gathered from digital data will propel technology to support even more competitive scenarios. Of course, the staff needs to constantly keep on learning new technologies to outperform competitors.

The future is here already with AI becoming the main force behind the customer and business-driven workflows. More solution providers will jostle for space in a booming and exploding market with dynamic and fast-changing innovations.

As a result, prices will come down and AI-backed CRM tools will become more affordable. 

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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