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Enforcing punctuality at work was never so easy! Instill a greater sense of disciple in your employees with this easy to  use mobile app that allows them to mark their attendance and track their work logs on the go.


We’ve streamlined different aspects of time management into one app, be it adding time entries or submitting them. So, you and your staff can now redirect your energies towards your work, and not towards tracking it

Why I need this?

Reason One

Get Actionable Reports to make difference

Attention business owners and managers!… No more sifting through endless reports and spending hours trying to decipher information that is of value. Now get relevant & actionable information from ETApp at click of a button to increase efficiency at workplace

Reason Two

Multiple Businesses? Entrepreneurs

Wondering how to keep tab on your team members and ensure they give best shot even when you aren’t around? Get the ETApp Advantage to keep close watch on their working hours & productivity without being overly intrusive.

Per month

Per User / Per Employee

It takes a lot to hire best employees today but if you don’t monitoring them effectively your business goals will be compromised eventually loss of time and efforts.

On planet earth don’t expect everyone to be loyal and ethical, its business owner’s responsibility to invest in transparent solutions and drive teams to follow measurably systems and contribute towards company goals

We Delivered

Go Ahead, download ETApp to

Monitors, submit and approve detailed employee hours instantly.

Available on both Android and IOS app stores

ETApp Makes Time Reporting Simple!

Punch-In , Punch-Out

Foolproof punch in-punch out method puts the onus for attendance tracking on employees

Simplify Payroll Process

Get accurate data with respect to work hours, leaves etc. make payroll processing quick and seamless

Find and Fix

Identify and develop a roadmap to improve the productivity of poorly  performing employees

Increase Productivity

Monitor employee productivity and track the overall efficiency of projects 

Easily Track Billable Hrs

Get reliable and accurate project date from ETApp for billing your clients

Minimise Cost

 Automated Timesheet mean lesser manual intervention and better accuracy

Prevent Time Theft

The foolproof GPS tracking mechanism on ETApp is sure to make time theft a thing of the past and save your business a lot of moolah! This is especially true in the case of sales staff or those working from multiple locations. You can now effortlessly track their attendance, work logs and whereabouts and have complete control over your team’s productivity.

Overcome limitations of biometric or access cards

No more worrying about staff marking proxy attendance with an access card or losing sleep over how effectively they are utilising their work hours when away from the office during client visits etc. With ETApp they can login anytime, anywhere and mark their attendance without having to physically report to office. Moreover, this allows them to focus on ‘real work’ and make a greater impact.

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