CRM for Lawyers

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Manage Business

Increase sales and reinforce liaisons with the affordable and fast SuiteCRM for Lawyers. It's designed to provide legal professionals with all the necessary modules to grow a business and increase profits.

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CRM for Lawyers 

Increase Sales and Relationships

As we all know, best legal practices with right client management techniques will enable busy law firms to engage in more productive tasks hence increase overall firm’s performance.

Through SuiteCRM Legal CRM system, all team member such as paralegal, lawyers, attorneys and support staff can efficiently organize customer cases, related documents, associate appointments and log accurate time entries for billing and invoice.

Client Management
  • Manage Client Relationships
  • Develop Account Plans
  • Deliver Proposals
  • Maximise Customer Satisfaction
Timesheet Entries
  • Track the Time Spent on Cases
  • Create Entries Directly from Calendars, Tasks, etc.
  • Keep Time Entries Organised
  • Generate Bills Quickly
Document Management
  • Store e-Documents and Images
  • Track and Manage Files
  • Electronically Scan Paper-Based Info
  • Keep Documents Secure
Mobile Access
  • Practice on-the-go
  • Responsive on most devices
  • Manage calendar on app
  • Track your time from anywhere

Automated Practice Management


Full Control over Finances


Seamless Case Management


Centralized Documentation Storage


Increased Client Satisfaction


It’s time you regained
control over your Customers

SuiteCRM is the best open source CRM for Lawyers & Law Firms. You can report all client information for a number of cases, allowing you to focus more on more important work.

Management Information System (MIS) provides managers with the tools to organise, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organisation.

Without SuiteCRM

Spend a lot of your time in providing customers with constant updates and case information. 

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With SuiteCRM

Customers have easy access to login to their dedicated internal system and access restricted data.


CRM Users

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted CRMs on the market. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.

What does a SuiteCRM Legal CRM system really do for you?

A legal CRM system has in-built functionalities to monitor and maintain a classified list of clients, important leads, prospects & all other necessary information. It captures primary information such as communication addresses, contact numbers, emails, & the conversations between the two, adding substantial information.

Why do I need it?

Your clients and prospects are changing their philosophies about legal services. To boost their level of attention we need a custom built SuiteCRM Legal CRM system that simply goes beyond just capturing primary information. Our unique system provides tools to be in touch constantly through the correspondence of letters, scheduled meetings & phone calls with other activities.

Will I spend a lot of time learning to use it?

No, you won’t. Here is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use web based SuiteCRM Legal CRM Free software.

Can I use it on-the-go?

Yes, you can. SuiteCRM has a mobile app with which you can track all your client info, timesheets, calendars to make your life easier.

Is it available in my country?

Fynsis provides CRM services across the globe. Even though we are based in India, we have clients from all over the world.

Reinforce Liaisons

The SuiteCRM System is designed to track interactions with clients and prospects, letting you captivate them on a personal note about topics that interest them in emails, conversations, and all other means.

Newfangled Perspectives

Your livelihood depends on attracting new clients, referrals, and repeat business. A client relationship management (CRM) application may be your technological key to financial survival in changing times.

We understand the regulations and compliance’s

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