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E-commerce, meet SuiteCRM

A full-fledged sales & marketing system designed for to take advantage of cloud data and enable multiple people to access customer information, anywhere, anytime and for any device.

E-commerce CRM that converts website visitors to customers.

SuiteCRM E-commerce CRM allows you to store customer details, order information and leads to leverage future sales opportunities. It’s a one solid-secure application package containing customized e-commerce CRM integrated with your online store (OpenCart).

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Manage Online Sales

Newsletter campaigns, emails, updates on order status & Marketing Automation.

Regular Reports

Periodic E-mail reports with in-depth analysis and conversion metrics.

Convert Abandoned Carts

Send email reminders to customers to fulfill incomplete transactions.

Chat Tool Integration

To enhance revenue generation, maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

Sync Contact Info

Customers, subscribers and sign-up forms recorded as contacts.

Automated Workflow

Define rules to perform actions such as sending emails, feedback requests,etc..

Grow your e-commerce business with SuiteCRM

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Most e-commerce platforms such as OpenCart or Magento can help you build a great online store, but only a good CRM can help companies make the most out of it by engaging users in increasing transactions.

Growing out of entry-level, you require niche CRM capabilities and advanced functionality. The CRM you use makes a huge impact on the growth of your business, choose wisely.

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