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For End Users, Administrators and Developers
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The success of any CRM implementation largely depends on the ability of the users to efficiently work with the system. 

Fynsis is ranked as the most preferred SuiteCRM training & development Partner in the world. We are specialized in training & development services to help SuiteCRM End Users and SuiteCRM Administrator. The training program can be delivered either onsite in your company premises or in any hotels and training centres of your choice.

Fynsis specialists got a track record of delivering successful training online via Go-To-Meeting or WebEx to our international customers from US, Europe, Singapore & other parts of the world. With our centres in India, you can quickly gain full advantage of your SuiteCRM investment and achieve high user adoption.

Our SuiteCRM Training material is consistently revised with every new release to make sure we deliver up-to-date SuiteCRM content. Participants retain more when they are practically involved in learning hence Fynsis deliver hands-on training with lab sessions to ensure attendees completely understand and retain how to use SuiteCRM with real business scenarios. 


End-User Training
Training is delivered with the breakup of 70% being Practical Exercises and Lab Sessions and rest 30% Theory and Knowledge Sharing from our corporate trainer. 
Admin Training is targeted to be familiar with user management, workflows, reports creation, dropdown and field level changes, studio tools & all admin functionalities.
Developer Training
Developer training is core technical & coding package to be familiar with logic hooks, custom reports, formula fields, dynamic values, layout customizations and lot more.

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With years of experience in sales, marketing and customer support automation, our team always aim to meet your budget while delivering a measurable ROI on your CRM Investment.

We create best-in-class business solutions that deliver competitive edge and ROI, with power and flexibility.

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