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SuiteCRM - Simple, yet Powerful and Efficient.

A SuiteCRM system will leave an impact on how a business attracts, retains and serves their customers. Overcoming all shortcomings in communication, it will deliver a surreal experience to customers from the very first interaction.

SuiteCRM is an award-winning open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Take a Free SuiteCRM Demo to understand the benefits, features, and functionalities of this CRM.

Easy to

Efficient, Powerful and Flexible Workflow Module

SuiteCRM’s workflow module delivers an advanced capability to streamline and automate repetitive tasks freeing users to focus on selling and servicing customers. Users can design flexibly automated actions that can be triggered to run at any time.

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Sales Automation

Your sales pipeline can be modeled quickly and easily so your sales team can do the high-value selling instead of administration work.  With SuiteCRM, you can produce beautifully templated quotations, control pricing strategies, make sure your contract renewals are always serviced and every lead is followed up with quickly and professionally.

Easy-to-Use Customer Portal

Manage all customer issues through an easy-to-setup and use website. Your service teams will be instantly notified of customer issues and your customers will know as soon as their issues have been resolved. Let your customer-service team focus on solving customer problems, rather than interpreting and recording them.

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