do you think its difficult to manage your leads

Manage all your leads conveniently in one place-No matter if they come from the website or Facebook with SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM
Real estate CRM

You are an Agency deals with letting properties as per contracts GET INSIDE to track your contract profitability with our SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM for Letting Agencies and Subletting.

Built on SuiteCRM

You are with a property dealer or an agent – an agent wants more bookings GET INSIDE to gain more profitability with efficient SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM for Property Developers and Builders

Built on SuiteCRM

Beautiful and seamless integration of properties, buyers and tenants in a single unified platform for increasing sales and service levels for real estate agencies.

An easy-to-use, personalised online agent for developers and builders, helping you reach out to prospective buyers, aiding you to close deals faster and better.

Features of SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM

  • Contact Management
  • Booking
  • Projects, Blocks, Units
  • Inventory Management
  • Site Visits Tracking
  • Property Documents & Agreements
  • Bank Payments – ECS, Cheque
  • Payment Milestones
  • Collections
  • Case Management

We cover everything in SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM


We have implemented SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM at different property dealing companies to help them for better Lead management, Contact management, Project management, Bookings management, Plots & Units management and lot more. Leads generated from the website, campaigns and various marketing efforts gets assigned to the sales team who further generates bookings. In bookings module, there will be status maintained with business workflows to trigger alerts and actions to other integrated systems.

SuiteCRM Real Estate CRM

Better Leads. More Sales.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics is the end result from any system deployment and Real Estate companies require niche expertise to transform data into meaning full reports to make real-time decisions. Real Estate industry is very dynamic and competitive which fluctuates due to the market condition, we deliver few reports out of the box and lot more can customize designed using drag and drop report engine.

Booking Management

SuiteCRM Real-estate CRM module allows users to convert a lead to customer and allocates shortlisted properties in bookings module to block the units from getting booked by another agent and upon crossing the timelines with no advance payment confirmation the inventory will be again made available for other sales people to sell those units.

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Payments & Collections

Based on booking life cycle there will be various payment terms that are been agreed by sales such as milestone based or monthly EMIs or full payment or partial payments etc., In SuiteCRM Real-estate CRM system we have custom payments and collections module that generates demand notes automatically to trigger payment follow-up task before the due date.

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