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Top 3 E-Commerce CRM softwares for business expansion

By August 5, 2021August 18th, 2021E-Commerce CRM


In this article, you will be getting an insight on the Top 3 E-commerce CRM software ideal for business expansion. The evolution of product development often follows an all-too-familiar pattern. As we look to the next evolution in technology, there is a clear case to be made that customer relationship management (CRM) systems will logically converge with the E-commerce platform.

In B2C ecommerce, the convergence of CRM and the E-commerce platform introduces a wealth of new possibilities to monitor and measure everything that happens online. It is always important to blend the customer’s interaction with the order data in a single repository to enable the ability to follow the dynamic process and merchandising in customized mode in an online space.

When CRM capabilities are added to B2B websites, sales reps have much greater visibility into products or services an individual may be investigating on the website, improving sales effectiveness.

Factors contributing to E-commerce CRM software

  • If we continue with the CRM integration with E-commerce, then it is easy for us to create a strong foundation focusing on the self-service of the customer. This self-service capability has traditionally been challenging to implement because the necessary information usually lives partly in the E-commerce system and partly in the CRM system.
  • Another factor that is driving towards integrated CRM and E-commerce is increasing awareness that the traditional linear transaction funnel is obsolete. A CRM system needs to adapt to these micro-interactions. 
  • Without an integrated platform that interaction will likely never be captured. The best practice is to build CRM and E-commerce in the same platform using a single data source to meet the expected outcomes.
  • CRM capabilities embedded in an E-commerce platform are greater than the sum of the two separate products. Due to technical challenges in integration process of standalone CRM and E-commerce it is very difficult to find a vendor specialized in both the areas and increase the profit. 

Let us understand top 5 E-commerce CRM softwares  used by retailers for business expansion 

Fresh Sales E-Commerce CRM

Freshsales Customer relationship management for ecommerce automatically captures leads from several resources, eliminating the requirement to have several systems for lead direction and ensuring no leads are lost in transit. Freshsales also automatically enriches the lead info from social profiles and assigns lead score with their involvement routine, so you know which leads are likely to purchase.

Applications of Fresh Sales E-Commerce CRM

The key applications of Freshsales E-commerce CRM are listed as below 

  • Lead management of Freshsales CRM for E-commerce
  • Auto profile enrichment
  • Grouping of territories 
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Territory management system 
  • Matching of Sales rep with the appropriate lead 
  • Lead tracking and follow-ups

Features of Fresh Sales 

  • Deal funnel view

Easily switch between the list or the funnel view — your choice.

  • Filter and sort deals

Filter deals by potential value and expected close date so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Lost deal analysis

Understand the reason why you’re losing deals and tackle the problem effectively.

  • Customize sales process

Make fields like Company Name optional. Bring contacts from multiple companies into a single deal.

  • Pipeline dashboard

Know where each deal is in your pipeline and what needs to be done to move them forward.

  • Identify bottlenecks

Visually track the progress of deals. Identify bottlenecks and address them.


NETO E-commerce CRM 

Neto enables small business retailers through to large scale wholesalers to construct multi-channel businesses that scale on demand. You can run your E-commerce CRM solution 24/7 with Neto’s cloud-based ecommerce solution. It helps in managing all of your sales channels from one platform you’re. 

Advantages of NETO E-Commerce CRM

  • Build a beautiful on-line store 
  • Maintain complete control 
  • Enjoy flexible navigation 
  • Speed up your check out process
  • Work offline using intuitive navigation 
  • Easy user experience and there is no need of formal training for  the E-commerce CRM software.
  • Accessibility to multiple locations using one Dashboard and can use dash panel.
  • Easy payment terms with integrated payment solutions facilitating split payments and account credit redemption
  • Easy Data Migration process in 5 steps 
    • Import your products & product classes
    • Customize your store design
    • Import your content pages
    • Add payment and shipping options
    • Import your customers and orders


Salesforce Community Cloud E-Commerce CRM

Salesforce is the largest and most popular CRM. This impressive level of success is well-deserved due to the many incredible advantages and extensive resources that Salesforce provides for its users. It is very easy to use this CRM as it has a lot of benefits, and different companies may find some more useful and important than others. However, this article will briefly look at the top 5 advantages of using Salesforce CRM that have the widest range of applicability and effectiveness for the largest number of users.

Advantages of Salesforce E-Commerce CRM

1. Usage is very easy

It is one of the important elements of any service as its usage is easy and it is ; targeted to a broad range of companies and businesses, many of whom may not have a background in tech and software. Salesforce CRM can reach its full potential if it is easy for even users who are novice to work with.

Salesforce meets and far exceeds the ease of use requirement by offering its user base an extremely intuitive, simple user interface. Salesforce CRM does not get involved with coding or to it transcends the information on product updates in a very careful manner. Instead everything is served up in an easy-to-understand format designed to minimize difficulty and inconvenience.

2. Excellent Functionality 

 Salesforce delivers with an outstanding system of integration and functionality. The CRM is said to provide the  backbone service which can permit easy data collaboration between multiple departments, centralized customer information, an array of reports and statistical options, and the ability to run on any browser, tablet, desktop, or mobile device. It also delivers reliable data security and protection, ensuring that sensitive information is not lost or compromised. Salesforce provides resources to the employees to increase their productivity and efficiency. Better customer service will always lead to loyal Customers.

3. Flexibility and Customization 

Salesforce has its application in a broader perspective and it is used for a wide range of different businesses. The key to this successful approach is in its flexibility and customization potential. Salesforce integrates well with a host of different business models because it is able to provide reports and analytics that are tailored to the specific needs of its users.

Salesforce further allows companies to measure and monitor the success of their marketing campaigns and to customize these outreach efforts on an on-going, as needed basis. This allows for a fully optimized system that can be automated to function on its own. The Salesforce cloud system also means that employees can access it from anywhere at any time, allowing for incredible flexibility.

4. User Resources which are really outstanding

For providing easy usability it is important to educate its customers on the excellent flexibility, functionality, and customization options that it offers, Salesforce has invested an incredible amount of time, money, and innovation in providing users with an outstanding array of resources. Salesforce is famous for offering informative blogs and educational and article posts, it frequently does webinars on education and hosts its own YouTube channel complete with videos focusing on various spectrum of topics. Salesforce also publishes a thoroughly comprehensive web-accessible user guide.

The goal of these many varied resources is to empower customers with the ability to quickly find the answers to their questions in whatever way are the most convenient for them. The answer and information is not only out there; it is out there in many different places and formats. Salesforce also employs an excellent, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented tech and customer service team that can walk users through any situation or problem that arises.

5. The App Exchange 

It is fair to say that apps have exploded in a big way all over the public consciousness in recent years. Nowadays many times the first thing that people do when they want to accomplish something digitally is to check and see if “there is an app for that.” The answer is that with Salesforce’s App Exchange there probably is. This marketplace of easy to access, download, and install apps provides users with even more resources, options, and expanded functionality.

There are many apps which can blend in big ticket companies like LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook enabling the full integration of these two services with Salesforce. Additionally, the App Exchange is a wellspring of new ideas and capabilities that are being developed and fine-tuned at a blinding pace, giving users tools they probably never even dreamed of for connecting with their customers and building deeper relationships.

The five advantages highlighted here are broad enough that they will resonate with just about every Salesforce user. However, the great thing about Salesforce is that it provides different benefits to different customers, meeting its users on their own terms and helping them find solutions to their own unique sets of problems and needs. Innovation is rapid in Salesforce and it help itself to position it to be more competitive and relevant in the cloud and CRM landscape for a longer period of time. This will allow it to not only hang on to its competitive advantages but to actively increase its capabilities and benefits, making it even more useful to customers from all sectors.


It is important to build a road map for a better shopping experience for the target customers—in all stages starting from discovery to delivery irrespective whether they operate online or at the physical store. It is evident that the tremendous growth of mobile has increased the scope and ability to personalize the customer journey using new technologies. The review of the top 3 E-commerce CRM will help in getting the glimpse of E-commerce trends and its role in enhancing the business expansion especially for online retailers.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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