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SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide

In our SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide we cover End-User Journey with easy steps to configure and make the FyNCRM app intuitive to use for everyone. We will explore areas from basics of logging into the app to creating any record might be contact, account, lead or custom module.

Readers of SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide doesn’t require to be with any technical background or prior knowledge of FyNCRM. It is advised that you are smartphone literate, that you are familiar with using your chosen mobile OS and have know how on SuiteCRM as end-user to get started with best SuiteCRM Mobile App for Android & Apple iPhones

Welcome to FyNCRM Mobile App User Guide


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Login Screen

FyNCRM helps small and mid-sized businesses increase sales productivity and maximize profits.

Your data on the Go! Simply Login by entering the URL with your Username and Password and access FyNCRM on mobile, smartphones and tablets.

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Login Options

 If you have setup SuiteCRM Installation for the mobile app you can click login to use your CRM and If you want to use our demo CRM click the demo login. Follow next steps below as per SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide



Home Page

  • Activity screen displays all your recent activities
  • On the top right of the dashboard, just tap on the icon to create leads quickly and easily.
  • Users can also read the latest business news related to CRM
  • On the top left of the dashboard, tap on the icon to view all important modules of FyNCRM such as Accounts, Calls, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases etc.
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Congrats! successfully logged into CRM with SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide process

Everything Else in FyNCRM – SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide


SuiteCRM Mobile App customer detail view is designed the best way to provide complete customer information at a glance

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SuiteCRM Mobile App customer view helps to quickly access related information about the customer to get 360 view of clients

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Shows the list of records in the selected module. Here you can view name and other basic information of the record.

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Tapping record name in list view will open its full view of details along with related records in the sub panel.

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Edit view allows us to update the record with its primary information but can’t change details of sub-panels.


After completing SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide

Follow-up leads

Manage Cases

Track opportunities

Update and manage contacts

Update call appointments

Close sales

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SuiteCRM Mobile App User Guide comes with default demo login and hosted on a server to provide fast access and get handy experience with SuiteCRM at no cost. Submit basic information & get Hassle-Free access to use all modules with no time limit or on any other restrictions on feature and functionalities of SuiteCRM Mobile App.

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