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SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide  Download Resources

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SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide

In our SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide for Google Android or Apple iPhone or IOS smartphone we cover Admin Journey easy to setup and steps to configure to make the FyNCRM app ready to use for end users. We will explore all areas from the basics of logging into the system to creating complex automated workflows and reports.

Readers of the Mobile CRM – SuiteCRM Installation Guide do not need to have development knowledge or prior knowledge of FyNCRM. It is advised that you are computer literate, that you are familiar with using your chosen web browser and have know how on SuiteCRM admin page. 

Step by Steps Process of SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide Customize your SuiteCRM for Mobile Users

Module loader


Start SuiteCRM Mobile App installation

  • Login to SuiteCRM with Admin Access.
  • Go To Administrator page
  • Click on Module Loader.


SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide Step 4


SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide Step 3

Upload Zip file & Install

  • Browse the Zip file in module loader screen
  • Click on upload button
  • After uploading is succesful click install button to complete the process

With this step we have loaded server package to your CRM server as SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide. 

Quick Repair & Rebuild

  • Click Repair from your CRM Admin page.
  • Click on a link that says Quick Repair and Rebuild.

Note : According to SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide this will be optional step and may impact any existing unsafe CRM customizations. 


SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide Step 1
Congrats! successfully completed SuiteCRM Mobile App installation Guide Process
Now Customize FyNCRM Settings for Mobile Users
  • In Admin Page you shall find new section at the bottom named FyNCRM mobile app setting.
  • FyNCRM links are available to configure modules to provide access, fields to be shown in each module and users who can access FyNCRM
SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide 3

Select Modules to be visible in Mobile App

Select Users who can access your CRM from Mobile App

SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide

Drop Down to select required module to configure fields

Drag and drop fields from hidden to available column

SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide 2


After completing SuiteCRM Mobile App Installation Guide
 Follow-up leads
Manage Cases
Track opportunities
installation-Guide FYN CRM
Update and manage contacts
Update call appointments
Close sales

Download Free SuiteCRM Mobile App 

SuiteCRM Mobile App Demo Account is hosted our demo server to provide fast access and get handy experience with SuiteCRM at no cost. Submit basic information & get Hassle-Free access to use all modules with no time limit or on any other restrictions on feature and functionalities of SuiteCRM Mobile App.

Need Demo on SuiteCRM Mobile App – CONTACT US

FyNCRM is developed for SuiteCRM & SugarCRM Community Edition to help sales & support team access CRM data anywhere, anytime. Now get complete access (view, edit & create) of SuiteCRM modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Cases, Calls & Meetings with very minimal efforts