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SuiteCRM was released as version 7.0 on Oct 21, 2013, providing upgrade paths to existing SugarCRM users. It is a popular software fork for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, SugarCRM. It started being used widely after SugarCRM stopped developing its open source version. SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration is an open source and free alternative application that is still based on the previous open source release while shipping with additional modules.However, it also made extensive bug fixes and other improvements to the core functionality. Read more about Asterisk CRM integration applications or SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions

SuiteCRM includes the latest SugarCRM Community Edition release and the following additional modules:

• Products
• Quotes
• Contracts
• Invoices
• PDF Templates
• Workflow
• Reporting
• Search
• Events
• Google Maps
• Teams Security
• Portal
• Responsive Theme
• Outlook Plugin

Benefits Of SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions:

Therefore, Some CRM has been developed completely as open source, while some as a hybrid of open source and privately developed code. The benefits of open source CRM are as follows:

1. Low-cost or Free:

It is the most of the open source applications are available to users for free. Some developers fix a paid fee for those who want higher levels of support, still giving away the basic code for free. Users can save a lot on licensing fees if they can modify the open source code to their advantage.

2. Customizable:

The open source code can be tweaked and turned into however required. If users have an exact idea of what is require and do not want any extra parts, then CRM open source is of great help. A lot of openly available code can make it easier to develop complex applications.

3. No commitment:

The Real Benefits of CRM Plugins and Extensions includes much more, one is there is No licensing commitment of a few months is usually quote by commercial CRM vendors, which means users may sometimes end up paying for a system that they might not use. Whereas there is no time commitment require by open source CRM. So users can use it for however long as they want and stop using it without paying any penalty.

4. It provides different versions with various opportunities for the same cost.
5. Provides focused marketing and sales automation.
6. It provides workflow monitoring.
7. Provides high-security level.
8. Offers mobile access and diverse extensions.
9. Its integration with different add-ons enhances functionality.
10. Its customer-oriented approach offers positive buying experience and high client loyalty.
11. Provides easy migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions :

SuiteCRM Asterisk integration or SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions improves the efficiency of a user’s phone communication by giving more information and options for each call made or receive. It also gives a very new experience of effective phone communication right in the user’s CRM (say SuiteCRM) and drives business processes to advance standards. All the incoming and outgoing calls are recorded to make them available in the future for any kind of analysis (like calling). It provides call logs, calls history, clicks to call and popups like calling. It also includes CRM-phone integration, SIP phone extension, VtigerCRM phone integration, and CRM SMS integration.

SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions applications:

 All the information is available at user’s fingertips on call PopUp.
 The user gets better call statistics report.
 It helps deliver excellent customer service via phone by managing incoming and outgoing calls.
 It displays call screen popups (caller’s name) for inbound calls.
 The user can get quick access to the latest and related notes.
 It helps save a lot of time by processing new and existing phone numbers via SugarCRM (SuiteCRM).

SuiteCRM Integration Partnership:

Finally, SuiteCRM Integration Partnership is a new program where user listing is added to its SuiteCRM Integration Partnership, which makes SuiteCRM more functional.However, This idea was to introduce to co-promote the products and help its partners also succeed.

Therefore know more about Effective SuiteCRM Asterisk Extensions or SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration and Partner.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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