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Currently, more than 80 percent of companies own a CRM application to manage their database. Companies that offer such CRM applications growing day by day. Out of the 80 percent at least 45 percent of companies prefer an open source CRM application. SuiteCRM is the best open source CRM at this moment.

SuiteCRM offers cloud hosting services to make your customer relationships management experience better. Hosting and running an application on the cloud can be helpful. It does not need a lot of memory and can store more data efficiently. Along with customer data, there are several SuiteCRM Plugins and Modules including Twilio SMS Marketing Plugin.

Get to know Twilio

Twilio is a communications application that allows its users to make and receive phone calls. Along with phone calls, it also lets you send and receive text messages. Twilio has several other communication-related elements as it is a communications application. The call management system provided by Twilio is currently rated even better than other communication applications.

Twilio makes Communication Simple

With the SuiteCRM Twilio Integration, you can be sure to get nothing but the best SuiteCRM Communications application. Twilio does not offer anything that your staff cannot make use of. So, it is the most reliable option for overall communication in your company. Twilio offers flexibility, modularity, and portability.

XML and Twilio

Twilio uses TwiML programming language, which is the Twilio modification of XML. XML is a programming language which does not include very difficult blocks of codes. It is almost like how we communicate with one another. It can be read easily by someone with no programming knowledge. It also makes programming different features like calls, texts, and group calls efficient. This is because Twilio also allows the use of JavaScript, Python and many such programming languages for building software.

Twilio is the future of Communications Technology

With Twilio, you also get the advantage of an already built Interactive Voice Response System. That is, the system responds to our text queries or voice inputs via speech outputs. These features, when combined with your SuiteCRM, can be extremely powerful. They make managing customer relationships and communication easier.

The Working of Twilio with SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Twilio Integration offers you different services like sending bulk messages, making and receiving calls, scheduling messages, configuring your workflow and so on.

To send Bulk SMS simply select the list view action and click on send SMS. SuiteCRM Twilio Integration can be done by using the Twilio SuiteCRM Plugins and Modules including Twilio SMS Marketing Plugin. For the messages sent and received by Twilio, a Twilio log is maintained. This is also the same for calls made or received using Twilio.

Ninja of Automation Marketing

Twilio is said to be the Marketing Automation ‘Ninja’ for SuiteCRM. It is called a ninja because it can send bulk messages together and manage their logs. It can basically do everything quickly and with ease. There are several things that Twilio does for SuiteCRM, let’s find out what it does.

Here is what Twilio can do

  • Send a text message to customers from your contact list.
  • Send bulk text messages to people from your contact list.
  • SuiteCRM Make and Receive Inbound and Outbound Calls.
  • Send an SMS to everyone included in a campaign.
  • Check text messages from your customers within SuiteCRM.
  • Send messages automatically, just set the date and time and Twilio will send the SMS to the selected contacts without fail.
  • Manage Call and SMS logs.

Benefits of the SuiteCRM Twilio Integration

It is observed that sending a text message to your prospects for communication can get you a response 89 percent of times. The customers engage more with your company if they receive text updates of what is going on. This little feature can improve your sales and customer satisfaction rates to more than 70%.

  The Twilio SuiteCRM Integration is progressing rapidly and is a popular choice among IT professionals. This add-on feature can be installed as a plugin to your SuiteCRM Application to avail maximum benefits from it. The SuiteCRM plugins and modules including Twilio SMS marketing plugin can greatly contribute to the success of your company.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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