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SuiteCRM USPS Integration

Every business has to make shipments deliver their products to the customers or the clients. Shipping of goods is one of the important elements in driving customer satisfaction. A business once closed with a client, only the satisfaction that matters to get the repeat business again from the same client. Because in today’s world, the competition is so intense that being late is being out of the business! Well, You may have the best production units and very intelligent minds in creating products and solutions on time but if the delivery is delayed or reached out to the wrong person, Just don’t ring the client again, because the business is moved to your competitor. To make sure the orders are delivered to the right person at the right appropriate time, we need a Postal service integration that is reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. SuiteCRM USPS Integration is the answer to make Shipping Easy.

Why we choose SuiteCRM USPS Integration:

USPS carrier has 94% success rate in delivery of shipments in both domestic and international destinations. Many businesses in the US rely on United States Postal Services to make effortless shipments in smooth delivery of orders. Not just this, they also make deliveries to homes than anyone else in the US.

 Benefits of USPS integration :

• Reduce internal bottlenecks:

                    With USPS integration, you can directly link tracking number to orders, customer records and invoices. This will also reduce the manpower efforts in managing information.
So every time, your order starts to get shipped, a unique identification code is created automatically in the CRM of associated customer.

• Trim shipping costs:

                    This feature allows the clients to perform full shipment cost analysis in the CRM. Shipping fees are highly competitive and frequent shipping to the clients will be a huge expense to the company. So every time you create an order you can trim the shipping costs of all your orders and save a lot of money.

• Drive customer happiness to retain the business:

              You want to see your business grow, just make a customer happy with your product or solutions. With USPS integration, or With SuiteCRM USPS Integration, company staff can effectively focus on monitoring the orders and communicate with the customers to let them know about the status. This will make customers think the importance of delivering the orders and to make sure it reaches safely.

• Order management:

              With logistics and order management, track all the orders within CRM to check the status and improve the customer service. Shipping and customer service at one stop.

Learn more about the SuiteCRM USPS Integration and experience it for FREE.

A real-time shipping tracking is very important in order to deliver the products on time to the customers. This will act as a quality through which company gets the repeat business, more customers by word-of-mouth, and therefore increases productivity and maximizes profits. SuiteCRM USPS Integration has a simple intuitive interface which is easy to learn and begin in few minutes. Streamlined with both international and domestic shipment processing, your business gets a competitive edge over others and lead in the market.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

More than decade serving client-contact, consistently contributing above average, expertise been honed in cultivating strategic relationship, anticipating problems and communicating with warms, persuasive conviction. • Positioned SugarCRM as the most favorable CRM for BFSI industry in India