Top 3 Reasons e-Commerce Businesses Should Have a CRM Solution

By January 10, 2020 January 22nd, 2020 Opensource CRM, SuiteCRM

With e-commerce growing at a rapid pace, businesses are trying to proactively and successfully manage their multi-channel environments and engage with their customers on a deeper level.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System can solve your customer management headaches as it consolidates all customer information for you, creating a single view of your customer across all channels in real-time.

1) Integration with third-party platforms

  • Deep, multi-channel e-commerce integration to capture customer data from all channels.
  • Capture each customer’s online purchase history.
  • View info on abandoned carts.
  • The ability for sales and support to complete an order for the customer.
  • Integration with any tool you use, if you use it, we can connect with it.
  • Integration with e-commerce shopping carts.

2) Track all customer interactions to form complete 360-degree customer view and improve personalization and customer experience

  • CRM enables you to capture cross-channel data from all points of interaction.
  • e-commerce and in-store purchase data.
  • Marketplaces and reseller sites.
  • Websites, social media, phone, email, and promotions.
  • Service and support interactions.
  • Complete B2B customer management.

3) Customer segmentation tools to launch targeted and effective marketing campaigns

  • Segment client data for targeted marketing campaigns managed directly from the CRM application.
  • Powerful data mining capabilities that allow the understanding of what matters to your customers.
  • Integration with services like MailChimp or do a trailer for automated marketing.
  • Track customer behaviour and create segments.

Therefore, A SuiteCRM allows you to capture information, analyze data and create personalized actions from a more in-depth to the understanding of your customers. A deeper understanding of your customers will lead to a higher level of engagement, create efficiencies within your customer service department and ultimately deliver a better return on your investment.

This is the best reasons why e-commerce should get SuiteCRM, it will make them more efficient and effective in every small, medium or a large business.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

More than decade serving client-contact, consistently contributing above average, expertise been honed in cultivating strategic relationship, anticipating problems and communicating with warms, persuasive conviction. • Positioned SugarCRM as the most favorable CRM for BFSI industry in India

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