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Gone are the days where e-learning organizations, colleges, institutions used to maintain all their data in book records. Also, maintaining in any of these will fetch you for a no deal in admitting students for the program or participating in any certification courses. Because in today’s cut-throat competition, follow-up is an important element in converting a lead into a prospect and with book records it is very difficult to follow-up as Education CRM software the educational institutions get so many queries and most importantly following up at the right time is very crucial and in book records we tend to forget and remember after a long time.

There comes a CRM for educational institutions, e-learning organizations that solve this problem. Now, your mind would be popping up why CRM for educational institutions or maybe which CRM should I invest in? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you.
So the universities, different educational institutions found that CRM is very much needed for their business and maintaining student relationships more effectively. Also, nowadays institutions are looking for a CRM as a niche for their needs. So generic CRM will not help to a greater extent. The solution is simple! SuiteCRM CRM education which is specifically designed for their vertical is what required by the e-learning firms, universities and so on.

Significance of using SuiteCRM Education CRM software

  • Will help you in student enrollments for different programs or courses
  • Help you to follow-up with leads in a timely manner
  • Enriching the student lifecycle by strengthening relationships with candidates, students, and alumni.
  • Gives secure access to essential information by student, faculty or alumni which empower them to manage and control their information.

Some of the benefits of Unlimted free Education with SuiteCRM software

  • Free and Open-source – SuiteCRM Education CRM software is available for FREE. Just sign up a basic form and get a SuiteCRM Demo now.
  • Contact management – Student contact management is another important aspect which can help colleges, universities to quickly communicate and send targeted communications to the students regularly on time.
  • Easy integration with other software’s – SuiteCRM Free Education is a Robust, secure, stable and scalable system that will meet business competency at a strategic level. Its seamless integration will help you integrate with other software easily.
  • Data Migration – Free Data Migration of unstructured data if you are migrating to SuiteCRM Education CRM software without the pain of data loss.
  • Task automation – Automate your tasks for repetitious day-to-day activities by addressing your people, process, and technology needs.

Boost your sales and maximize your profits by using CRM education. SuiteCRM Education CRM is a Free and open-source tool to strengthen and maintain fruitful relationships with students, faculty, and alumni.

Get to know more about  Unlimted free Education with SuiteCRM & Access Free SuiteCRM for Education.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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