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Why is SuiteCRM better than other Opensource CRM Systems

By February 7, 2021March 18th, 2021SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is being called the Best Open Source CRM software system. This ground-breaking platform boasts a broad variety of benefits.Therefore the features that firms may utilize to take their marketing & sales efforts to the next level. SuiteCRM can provide actionable insights into customers & leads, increase sales, boost conversions, & improve both initiation & customer attention among plenty of other things. SuiteCRM system is the perfect software for growing companies or businesses given that it is completely customizable, scalable and adaptable to changing needs. This platform gives complete independence to users. Out of their very own servers, businesses can set up their CRM software system & behind their firewalls. Now, trusted & used throughout the planet by a few of the greatest brands, SuiteCRM tool is the Best Open Source CRM software known because of its ever-changing constant innovation.

It is also Best Open Source CRM software system among Top 10 Leading Open Source CRM Applications of 2017.

Some of the irresistible Features & Benefits of SuiteCRM

  • Set your priority. Call the right leads

SuiteCRM surfaces your high potential leads Just prioritize using your own buying signals or simply add a note.

  • Check Relevant Conversations

You can give your salespeople priceless insights about every touch point your customer encounters.

  • Pricing and Add-ons

Price may be an important variable when assessing CRM Tool, but that investigation should concentrate on much more than the upfront prices. Most of the CRM applications we looked at offers per-user pricing yet. it is important to assess what’s contained because of the cost & which features you really want.

SuiteCRM offers a variety of major business, Add-ons that are essential such as Asterisk Integration, Chat Tool Integration, USPS Integration and much more.

  • Ease of Access and Support

CRM Software should be intuitive or you’ll never need to put it to use. Make a record of the way simple or hard it is to get the features you need.Therefore it is exactly how many clicks it might take to run a simple job. CRM tools ought to be competent to deal with user error beyond being simple to work with. For example, in the next event that you strive to run a job on the screen i.e., erroneous or input the information, Then your error will be identified by the most effective applications & indicate the appropriate method to do it.Hence on the flip side, badly designed applications will throw up an unhelpful error message or will either let you make the malfunction unchecked.

  • Email, Mobile, and Social Features

Do not get diverted by CRM capabilities, you will not use. Ensure that the applications you finally choose records, the information is vital to your business enables successful follow-up.It is simple enough to use that the team will work with it, not around it.

  • Marketing Automation

Automation has become the most precious facet of CRM Software also. It is a pity which not absolutely all software packages offer it though most are beginning to arrive there. Marketing automation is a well-known term today pertains to the software’s power to remind marketing representatives & sales to follow up with customers at the right time. Automation reminds you or in several instances, really manages the job for you of needed tasks like following up 1 month. A sales purchase with a coupon or calling the sales prospect 2 weeks after the person signed up to get a trial of the applications. It might additionally extend to another program, like kicking off an e-mail, marketing promotion based on standards.which are reached over the course of a telephone call with the consumer, even when that call was started with the CRM system.

  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Product Catalogue
  • Reporting and Analytics

You can see how successful you have been & where you are falling short. when you’ve been using CRM software to manage your leads and deals. Look for the Open Source CRM software system solution with reporting features, which can be customized in order that you could easily see which kinds of clients are reacting & how workers are performing.

  • Custom Graphs and Charts
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Pipeline Reports
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Reports

Getting to the Real Test Now

With a thorough in-depth market research coupled with focus interviews, with the top CRM leaders in the industry.It is expected to increase over the period of time. Amongst all major Open Source CRM Software’s, no doubt SuiteCRM is by far the  Best Open Source CRM software Application for Small, Medium-Sized, and Large businesses. SuiteCRM has Its advanced features & functionalities will help the users to customize the software according to their business needs. Apparently, SuiteCRM is a cost saver for the companies.who is paying heavily for other CRM systems as part of license fee every year plus an additional fee for features & functionalities? Get a Free SuiteCRM Demo now to migrate from other CRM system or for the businesses looking for Open Source CRM software system.


Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,