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By January 4, 2021August 18th, 2021SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Installation pre-requisites and Steps Guide SuiteCRM Installation

SuiteCRM is a branch of SugarCRM Community version and is based on LAMP stack(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). The SuiteCRM can be introduced over nginx.No stresses on that you need to run it over nginx.

Here are some prescribed pre-requirements for SuiteCRM & Steps Guide SuiteCRM Installation :

  • Language: PHP 5.2+
  • Web Server: Apache 2 or nginx
  • Database: can be one of MySQL, MariaDB or SQL Server. With the end goal of this blog, we will expect that SuiteCRM is being set up on MySQL
  • PHP Modules: Json, PHP-twist, lib-XML, zlib, IMAP
  • Equipment: Preferably at least 2 GB of RAM. on the off chance that you are hoping to introduce SuiteCRM over-committed/VPS, you should guarantee that your server has at least 2 GB RAM.
  • Registry structures: Writable transfer, modules, information and store sub-registries.

Steps Guide SuiteCRM Installation 

The first Step is to download the SuiteCRM from SuiteCRM official page. The download of SuiteCRM requires a registration on the website.

When you have registered on the website, the screen will show up and will give you a chance to download the most recent version of SuiteCRM.

Once the SuiteCRM is downloaded, you can transfer it through that you initially downloaded it into your nearby framework. You have downloaded the package in the webroot itself. If not, at that point you can move the establishment compress record into the webroot.

Once the compressed record is here, you can release the source code with releasing order.


Make the database for SuiteCRM. Since we accepted that the database is MySQL, we will detail on the best way to make a database in MySQL:

Make a MySQL database in basic of the cPanel. You can only head over to the databases tab and make one. We expect that you made one with the name Vtiger_db and client Vtiger ensured by <your_password>.

Alert: Please replace every name and watchword for security reasons.

For VPS/Dedicated facilitating

Don’t access the panel to make the database from UI. Observe this manual for keeping an eye on the most proficient method to make a database from MySQL comfort:

Step by step instructions to make a MySQL database

It’s not too much trouble to name the database in SuiteCRM. In any case, if you are running a mutual host, you should change the name of the database with a custom introduction of SuiteCRM.


  • When we have everything set, we would now be able to run the installer to setup SuiteCRM. We will take the custom introduction as examined before with our goal to change the database name according to our benefit.
  • In the first place screen exhibits the permit, simply read and click on next’.
  • The installer at that point plays an important check and if it finds any issues, it will tell you and you should settle those before you can continue further. It will likewise tell you the ironwork that you should plan for specific functionalities of SuiteCRM to work. When this procedure is done, click Next.
  • The screen that you get is the installment screen. You will get a large group of choices that you can design in light of your prerequisites.
  • Fill the SuiteCRM database and the username/password to get to the database for the installer to have the capacity to introduce SuiteCRM.
  • Next thing is to pick the SuiteCRM administrator username and pin.
  • At that point, there is an alternative to fill the SuiteCRM with demo information. This comes in extremely convenient ‘skip for now’ mode.
  • You can pick the SMTP supplier which the CRM can use to send the messages from.
  • Advance you can alter the modules of theSuiteCRM for the introduction.
  • You can likewise construct your marking and pick your nearby settings.
  • Don’t stress if you commit a mistake in any of the previous steps, You can change it later.

That is it! You have SuiteCRM up and running.

Make the most of your CRM and if you find any difficulty in Installing it from Steps Guide SuiteCRM Installation please feel free reach us @

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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