How to use Live Chat CRM to Increase your Profitability?

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Many CRM systems are integrated with live chat feature to enable better communication with your customers. But that is the basic scope of the tool while the possibilities are endless.
You can use your Open source Live Chat CRM to increase revenues, generate new leads and establish a superior level of customer service.

The power of CRM lies in the amount of customer information it can manage. Paired with a live tool, you can always get to know everything about a customer instantly. You can offer a context-driven assistance and make the customer feel wanted.

Open source Live Chat CRM can be done with any CRM solutions. You can even use open source free solutions- like SuiteCRM chat integration with the Live-helper chat tool & Live Chat CRM Profitability

Now let’s find out how you can use the Open source Live Chat CRM to generate leads and increase Live Chat CRM Profitability.

The visitor to Customer:

You can successfully convert the visitors to your website to customers by using proactive live chat. For example, if someone has spent more than 5 minutes on a specific webpage, you send a pop-up chat saying, “Are you looking for something we can help with?”
Forrester survey reveals that 77% customers want companies to value their time. You can jump right in and help out the visitor with better chances of conversion.

Successful Checkouts:

55% American online shoppers are likely to cancel their purchase if they cannot get a quick answer to a query. You can use the Open source Live Chat CRM feature to catch the customer on the checkout page and answer all his questions. The chat window is also perfect for sharing files like brochures, manuals and so on. Solving the customer’s query in less time with CRM information improves the chances of a successful purchase.

Lead Generation:

The Open Source Live Chat CRM tool can be made to work for you to generate and capture new leads. Using a pre-chat form to collect customer information is a good way to start. Since in the Live Chat CRM, all information will be stored in a centralized database ready to be accessed instantly.

You can also engage a returning visitor or qualified lead the moment they visit your website with live chat. Their details are stored in the CRM and you can start context driven conversions based on their customer journey.

Engage from Anywhere:

Another plus point of the Open source Live Chat CRM is that you can even engage your customers using other devices. Be it a smartphone or tablet, you can use the live chat tool if the CRM solution is compatible.

So distance doesn’t matter and you don’t need to be at your desk. You can communicate with your customers and leads from anywhere and keep up the productivity.
Apart from boosting sales and revenue, Open source Live Chat CRM will improve customer engagement significantly. Better engagement means better service which leads to customer loyalty. And customer loyalty automatically means return customers who are willing to spend more than last time!

So Open source Live Chat CRM is a must if you want to grow your business and profits.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,