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The Best SuiteCRM Integration with REST API Example for your Business

By January 4, 2020January 9th, 2020Integration, SuiteCRM

9 out of 10 web applications currently use RESTAPI’s to enhance user experience and safety. One of these is the renowned CRM application called SuiteCRM.

You must have heard the term many times, but do you know what it really is?

REST API is used by developers to provide an application programming interface over the internet using the HTTP protocol. Sure, there are other APIs for doing the same thing, but the Representation State Transfer is more flexible than any of them. An application programming interface which is generally compared with the REST API is the SOAP API.


Both these APIs are great, but you cannot simultaneously use both of them obviously. The main difference between REST API and SOAP API is that the SOAP API is not so flexible. REST API, on the other hand, is very flexible and is compatible with almost any programming language. The SOAP API follows a structured approach whereas, in the case of a RESTful API, there is no fixed standard for it.

What REST API does?

Well, a REST API does exactly what a website does. In simple terms, the REST API transfers data between the server and the client using the HTTP protocol. However, the HTTP protocol is not mandatory as the REST API is protocol friendly. But in most cases, the HTTP protocol is used with REST API.

SuiteCRM along with other web applications also offers this programming interface to organizations. SuiteCRM lets you use many programming interfaces including both, SOAP API and REST API.

A successful SuiteCRM Integration with REST API example can be the Joomla Portal. This portal uses the REST API quite extensively.

The Joomla Portal

You must be wondering what the Joomla portal is? If you want a real-world representation of the SuiteCRM Integration with REST API example, Joomla is one of the best places for it. Joomla is basically a system to build applications and websites. So what place can be better to look for an API example, right?

SuiteCRM lets administrators switch to the REST API, but how?

How to Enable SuiteCRM REST API?

An application programming interface is not something that you can download directly. You will have to deal with codes. The programming language that you are using with SuiteCRM is vital for enabling the REST API. Generally, you will have to alter the code as an administrator to switch the system to REST API. To learn how to enable SuiteCRM Integration with REST API, follow these easy steps.

Enable REST ful API for SuiteCRM

By following these easy steps, you can activate the REST Application Programming Interface for SuiteCRM.

  1. Go to the location at which the SuiteCRM Integration with the REST API can be found. This is where to find it ‘ suitecrm/ service/ v4_1/ REST.php’. Where is the name of your SuiteCRM system or website.
  2. Call different Some methods are login or get_entry_list which must be modified.
  3. Consider the data type of the REST API data. It is generally in JSON format. However, it can be different if you have made changes to your system.
  4. Now, alter the input data type and the response datatype.
  5. The input data type will be the type of REST data.

All the detailed lists of the arguments required for switching to REST API can easily be found on the SuiteCRM library. Make changes in the PHP code and you should be done.

It can be confusing if you do not know the basics of coding. But the REST API configuration can be done very easily by people who have some general understanding of PHP and JSON coding languages.


It would be a convenient change to switch to the RESTful API if you want a more flexible approach for your SuiteCRM system. The definitions and process of configuring a REST API are quite vivid and confusing. Different websites have different processes. Why? Because there is no fixed standard, it can be configured as the programmer wants to. Therefore, the REST API is a popular option among application developers.

After considering all the pros and cons of the SuiteCRM REST APIs and SOAP APIs, you can freely make a choice. In some cases, it is best to stick to the standardized SOAP API. But for most of you who do not wish to stick to rules and get innovative, REST API is the best option.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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