SuiteCRM Integration with REST API is Better than the SOAP API

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Who does not want an unstructured architecture for their application, right? The freedom to read webpages, without being constrained by the language. Sounds great but how do you get it?

It is now a widely used application programming interface used in place of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API.

Simple Object Access Protocol API

To understand the REST API, it is important to first understand the SOAP API. SOAP API like REST API lets you create your own Application Programming Interface. An API sends and receives responses over the internet using different internet protocols. The SOAP API follows an official and a very standardized approach. These standards of the SOAP protocol are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium.


The Representational State Transfer, more commonly known as the REST API, is not a protocol. It is an architectural style for web applications. It allows communication between two parties, the client and the server. REST API does so by using various protocols and does not follow a standard approach like the SOAP protocol.

More than 80 percent of the SuiteCRM developers use the Representational State Transfer to create a suitable Application Programming Interface.

REST with SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Integration with REST API work together to give the user a unique and comfortable application experience. As REST is a very easy-to-use and lightweight programming interface it can be used against the more complicated programming protocols. The REST API lets you use whichever messaging format that you like whether it is JSON, XML or even normal text.


What are GET, DELETE and POST? These are HTTP verbs, which are used by the REST API to perform different actions.

  • GET is used to retrieve or get data from any server.
  • DELETE is used to delete any data from a server.
  • POST is used to transfer or send data from any server.

What Really Happens?

The process of the REST API is quite simple, when you enter a query in any language known to you REST makes sure that the programming interface understands. This means that you are surely going to get a responsive webpage for all your queries. The queries are parsed into languages that are understood by the system. REST removes the communication barrier between different servers.


The Representational State Transfer API gives you a more unstructured approach towards creating an API. SuiteCRM and REST API work effortlessly together and provide you with a smooth and reliable interface.

 How does SuiteCRM Integrate with REST API?

  • You need to first find the path of the REST web service interface instance in the SuiteCRM documentation.
  • POST requests will be sent to the URL of this path as POST parameters as arguments.
  • Authenticate your identity as the administrator of the system using the login method call.
  • Now login to the REST Web Service Interface.

Generally while making GET requests you use the file_get_contents() library. But you will be using

POST requests in this case, which means you will have to use a different library. So, a PHP curl library replaces the file_get_contents() library.

  • Arrange the POST parameters as an array string and encode this array as a JSON string.
  • Use the method called ‘rest_data’ to encode the array to a JSON string.

Follow the above-mentioned simple steps and you will be able to login to the system with the REST Interface enabled successfully.

More About REST API

The REST API treats every component as a resource which is accessed by the common HTTP protocol. The REST architecture contains two parts,

  1. REST Server.
  2. REST Client.

The REST Server gets access to the resources, but it cannot modify the data. Whereas a REST Client gets access to the resources plus the right to modify and delete the data.

To conclude, the REST API offers you with a more flexible approach. Whereas SOAP protocol on the other hand is more rigid. Which makes the REST API more favored by developers who want to be innovative. The REST Application Programming Interface gives programmers the flexibility that they have been wanting from some time making it the best option for your SuiteCRM system.

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