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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of the management of any company’s management. Since customers purely drive the sales of any organization, It is necessary for the companies to maintain the transparency from their end and maintain a better track record.

One of the most popular open source customer management software. SuiteCRM is a software fork of another popular CRM, SugarCRM means it is developed on the upon the source code of SugarCRM.

SuiteCRM is not an updated version in contrast to the SugarCRM hence there are not updated features. Since SugarCRM discontinued the development of its open source system, SuiteCRM is based on the last open source version of the SugarCRM.

How to Import Contacts in SuiteCRM?

CRM is all about the transparency and communication between the customers and the company. A Contact in a CRM is the personnel of any company which is indulged in any deal with the company associated with the CRM in this case. If you are wondering where we can import contacts in SuiteCRM, read on.

If there is an account named ‘IT solutions’ then anyone associated with the company ‘IT solutions’ will be the contact.

The Contacts module then holds all the information regarding any exchanges made with the subject, such as sending an email or involvement in any meeting or transaction.

Importance of Contact management in the SuiteCRM

It is very important to manage your contacts with the clients and the customers effectively. SuiteCRM offers various services for the management of the contacts.

Since business with multiple clients is a very complex process. It is generally hard to keep track of all the deals with them in real time.

The module for Contact management in CRM automatically assigns the information with the respective clients in real time. The information handling process becomes much smoother in this way.

The centred storage of the information helps in effective management in the future and keeping track of all the services.

One is able to avoid losses with the help of the Contact module which may occur through the cross-selling. It is often possible then one might be missing out to consider services and this may result in losses.

The centralized record tracking and contact assignment with the module are beneficial for this task.

It is also possible to group some contact through the usage of the module. If one is willing to send notification of some new services to the relevant clients, then it can be easily done with this feature.

Managing the contacts in the SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM allows a variety of actions that can be performed on Contacts. One can create custom contacts and import contacts using the Import wizard available in the Contacts module.

It is also possible to sort the contracts as per any required criteria. The mass updating feature of the module allows updating the number of contacts at the same time.

Here are the steps to import contacts in SuiteCRM.

  • The basic management of the contacts such as Editing, deleting or viewing is also possible.
  • The historical logs of the contacts can be accessed through the actions.
  • The whole contact history and the activities related to the contact can be accessed through this feature.
  • There is also a feature of extracting the V-Card from the application.
  • The v-card then can be used to transfer the data to another application.
  • The v-card feature is not available by default the feature will be only available after some changes made by the system administrator.

The following system changes have to be made to make the v-card feature available:

First, the fields ‘First Name’ and the ‘Last Name’ are required to be replaced with the field ‘Name’ using the following link:

../../../../admin/administration-panel/developer-tools/#_Studio] and then the v-card button will be available to the right side of the Name field.

That’s all that you need to know when it comes to the steps to import contacts in SuiteCRM.

Why is it necessary to make the management effective?

Effective contact management is necessary to make the functioning of the company’s management sector. If the whole process of the track record of the customer is kept clear, which is the main motive of the Customer Management System (CMS), the organization will then be able to provide better services to the customers.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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