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The Best Invoice Solutions for your Business with SuiteCRM Invoice Module

By March 21, 2021August 18th, 2021SuiteCRM

Almost 88 percent of organizations do not have a proper system to maintain their invoices.

When you are a Customer Relationship Management Application user, you don’t really have the choice of creating an invoice. And when you do, you have to go on with fixed templates.

SuiteCRM gives its customers another advantage along with its vast range of features.

SuiteCRM Invoice-Fynsis

The Invoice Module

If you are familiar with SuiteCRM, you must know that the system is divided into several modules for different tasks. Any of these modules can be set up on the home screen as a ‘dashlet’. One of the many modules that SuiteCRM offers is the ‘Invoice Module’.

What does it do? Exactly what it says. It helps you create an invoice for your business. You can pin it on the home screen and create invoices on the go.

And that is not all. SuiteCRM does not enforce a fixed template on you, you can draft up an invoice as you like. Managing invoices in SuiteCRM becomes much simpler. All you must know is how to create invoices in SuiteCRM, how to download invoice in SuiteCRM, and how to change invoice numbers in SuiteCRM. Once you learn these basic things, you can create and manage invoices easily.

Creating an Invoice

Invoices are billings that sellers create to keep a tab of the products delivered to the buyers and their costs. Invoices make sure that the seller is not charging more than he should neither is the buyer underpaying. They are a critical part of a business. Customers can simply go through the list and check what the seller is charging them for and how much. This is how to create an invoice in SuiteCRM

  • Open the timesheet of projects you have created in SuiteCRM.
  • Find the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Select ‘Convert to invoice’ option.
  • Once created, you can add or remove products too.

Simple, right? Now that you have created the invoice as you wish, let’s learn how to download invoice in SuiteCRM.

Download the Invoice

Just like creating it, downloading an invoice in SuiteCRM is as simple as it gets. In many CRM applications, you do not have the option to create an invoice. So, you don’t really get to the downloading part. But SuiteCRM is unlike any other CRM application. You can create, download, and manage invoices with ease. There is another module if you want to create an invoice that contains additional fields. This module is called the SuiteCRM Custom pdf Invoice Module. It lets you create a customized template for your invoices. It can be changed at any time if you want an invoice that is different than the others with extra or fewer fields.

SuiteCRM Custom pdf Invoice Module

The general categories for an invoice are quotes, quantity, customer’s name, provider’s details, and cost. If you wish to add a customized field, SuiteCRM Custom pdf Invoice Module lets you do that. It is the easiest option to create customized invoices in SuiteCRM. Also, if you want to change the invoice number of a pdf you only have to know how to change invoice number in SuiteCRM. This saves you the time of creating a new invoice. All you must do is change the invoice number.

After you have successfully created an invoice, whether it is a custom invoice or a generic one this is how to download invoice in SuiteCRM.

 If you have already created a quote and wish to convert it to an invoice, you can simply select the ‘Convert to pdf’ option. Your invoice will be generated automatically saving you the time and hard work. You can also renew and create existing or new contracts with SuiteCRM. You can use it to directly send the invoice to its respective buyer from within SuiteCRM itself. Follow these simple steps to share the invoice.

  • Select the quote you wish to convert to an invoice.
  • Convert it to an invoice.
  • Click on the ‘Share as pdf’ option and share the invoice on different platforms.

SuiteCRM has made creating, managing, deleting, and downloading invoices simple and quick. With this reliable module in SuiteCRM, you are sure to send invoices to customers on time and with much more precision.

You can also check our Xero Accounting Plugin, It will help you sync all your invoices.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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