Own Logo In SuiteCRM is a Great Branding Strategy

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Managing your business and customers at the same time can be messy. For this reason, there are several Customer Relationship Management Systems available which are either available free of cost or will cost you some amount. They are classified as open source and proprietary applications.

What should you know about open source and proprietary applications?

An open source application is an application whose source code is available freely on the internet. Users can download, modify, and share it without facing any legal issues. However, a proprietary application is custom-made to the requirements of the business. A proprietary application is legally the property of the business owner who has paid for it. It is illegal to share the source code of this application.

SuiteCRM is an open source application which is accessible through the internet, without any charges. You can purchase certain additional services, but the company has not made these purchases obligatory. You can use SuiteCRM like any other customer relationship management application.

  • It manages the invoices, contracts and other such information.
  • It keeps a record of all the customer interactions as well.
  • SuiteCRM offers an additional feature which displays the logo of your business to the customers as well.

How can a Logo be Beneficial and How is it made?

A logo is a small design or a symbol which a company acquires to identify its products. It helps the customers connect with your brand. According to surveys, 98% of people identify a brand better when they have seen its logo.

The logo needs to look professionally made, for one. This is because a logo represents your business everywhere. If it is made sloppily, the customers might develop an opinion about your professionalism. This can largely affect your sales.

Benefits of having a professionally designed Logo for your Brand

There are many enthusiastic individuals and companies that have professional experience in designing logos. You must contact any such individual or organization to get your logo designed. It is easily the most important branding aspect of your company. The benefits of the logo will overpower the cost of getting one made. These are some of the advantages of a logo

  • Having a professionally designed logo can create a good impression on your customers. It is a known fact that 67% of people are automatically hooked towards a brand if the logo is visually appealing.
  • When it is created by an expert, it will always play to your strength. They always pay attention to tiny details which you yourself may overlook. Even if it is a simple and minimalistic design it will certainly be descriptive.

Does incorporate Own Logo In SuiteCRM is a Great Branding Strategy?

Of course! We Own Logo In SuiteCRM is a Great Branding Strategy know how important a logo is to your business. When you create your business profile on SuiteCRM it is to interact with customers. You can add the logo of your business in the accounts panel.  So that whenever your customers view your business account, they will surely notice your logo.

How to upload Logo in SuiteCRM/ Download free SuiteCRM logo

  • Go to the Administrator panel
  • Select System Settings
  • Add your business logo in .jpg or .png extensions.

Also, make sure that there are no spaces in the .jpg or.png filename of your logo and it is within the specified dimensions. The general dimensions are less than 170 pixels x 450 pixels.

Having a Own Logo in SuiteCRM is a Great Branding Strategy

If you think about it, with SuiteCRM you are interacting with clients and potential customers. They can view your company’s profile at any time. It is a fact that customers are more inclined towards a business profile which has a well-made logo included in SuiteCRM.

A logo, when added to SuiteCRM, will

  • Establish a brand name for your business
  • Attract more customers
  • Maintain your professional image
  • Reflect your business in a positive way.

Along with these, there are many more reasons to include a business logo in the SuiteCRM application. Using your logo to the most is a great and effective branding strategy these days. So, go ahead and use this branding technique to the fullest and create an identity for your brand.


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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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